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What types of envelopes are there?

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What types of envelopes are there?

Created on 2021-10-05

In the era of the "global village" sending any message even over long distances is no longer a problem. In the XXI century, when over 60% of the world's population is online, we are able to reach every corner of the world with our message. It has become almost an obvious thing for us. Nevertheless, it was not always so. Until recently, the only option for contact with the world were old-fashioned letters. Sent in paper envelopes, they have proven their reliability and versatility over the centuries. What is more, even now they remain irreplaceable in many sectors of everyday life. In today's entry we will try to introduce the characteristics of envelopes and we will discuss their types. Thanks to its reading you will find out, among other things, how they can help you in conducting mailings, allowing you to save a lot of time. Welcome!

Everything you need to know about envelopes

In today's times marked by pandemics, if you want to be in business, you must also consider mail order. In the face of dynamically changing epidemiological regulations, stationary stores are gradually losing their importance. What's more, this trend seems to be gaining momentum. Being a conscious entrepreneur, you should go in the direction of expanding your company's prospects. It is impossible to imagine its smooth functioning without well-deserved envelopes. Used for many centuries, they still prove their value every day envelope

A slightly fresher variation of them, extending the range of application of this product, are bubble envelopes. Paper-like on the outside and covered with bubble foil on the inside they become safe and handy packaging. This kind of envelopes are perfect for sending small objects, such as electronic accessories or jewelry. Their unquestionable advantage is the package's resistance to mechanical damage during transport. From the point of view of both the sender and the recipient this type of packaging is undoubtedly attractive

Office envelopes a solution that has survived the ages.

Did you know that the history of paper envelopes as we know them dates back to the 2nd century BC? The prototypes of this innovation found in China date back to this period. However, the period of their flourishing falls on the 19th century. Such an extensive history of their use leaves no doubt about their practicality. It proves a kind of universality and timelessness of this solution. The office envelopes in question are also synonymous with simplicity. This is probably in large part the secret of their global success. Sending documents and letters is inseparably connected with this means of mailing. They are offered in numerous popular formats

Courier envelopes an essential accessory for every company

Another, nevertheless noteworthy type of envelopes are the so called stickers. They are sticked directly on the parcels and their task is to protect the waybill, at the same time making it possible to read it. It is possible thanks to transparent foil which is their base material. Such courier envelopes are a real "must have" for each dispatch store. Strong glue is a guarantee of solid fastening to the surface of foil package or cardboard. Placing the documents inside and applying the whole to the parcel takes only a few seconds. For every company that focuses on process optimization, stickers are a must-have gadget.

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