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What to buy for Children's Day for a 4-year-old? Check it out!

Co kupić na Dzień Dziecka dla 4-latka? Sprawdź to!

Adrian Koźlik |

Children's Day is one of the most pleasant days of the year. It is then that we wait for our children's smiles, and they, in turn, wait for their gifts.

This special day is a perfect opportunity to give your little one something that will bring him joy, fun and develop his skills.

We realize that choosing a gift for a 4-year-old can be a difficult nut to crack. That's why we're here to help and in today's article we'll present the most interesting Children's Day gift ideas for a 4-year-old . We invite you to read!

Educational toys for a 4-year-old

Puzzles and puzzles

prezent dla 4-latka Thanks to various puzzles, your child will quickly begin to develop logical and motor skills. You can find puzzles with your favorite fairy tale motifs.

Construction set

Building blocks are a very popular gift. Today you can find blocks in every shape and size. Building with blocks is a very creative activity that greatly stimulates a child's imagination. Choose sets of blocks that are easy to assemble and take apart so that your child can experiment with different structures.

Sets for learning letters and numbers

Already at the age of 4, it is worth stimulating your child's reading and counting skills. You can start by learning letters and numbers. Choose sets that combine learning with fun, for example interactive cards or magnets for arranging letters and numbers.

Board games

You can easily find board games for a 4-year-old that have clear rules. They are a great way to learn cooperation, solve problems and develop logical skills.

Nature exploration kits

Toys that enable your child to observe nature, such as telescopes, microscopes or sets for examining plants and insects, can arouse curiosity about nature and encourage them to discover the world around them.

Little artist's set

Think about buying your 4-year-old a painting set for Children's Day . Choose an easel of the right size, buy paints and brushes and go outdoors with your little one!

Musical toys

Toy musical instruments are a good gift option for a 4-year-old for Children's Day . If your toddler likes different sounds, buy him a cymbal, a small drum set or a piano. You may also consider purchasing a music mat.

Creative toys for a 4-year-old

Creative jewelry making kits

Sets containing beads, strings, key rings and pendants enable the child to create unique jewelry, which develops manual and aesthetic skills. Choose larger pieces to make it easier for him to create specific pieces of jewelry.

Creative design kits

Such kits contain elements that allow the child to create various projects, for example kits for designing clothes, cars or dollhouses.

Puppet theater

prezent dla 4-latka Kits containing puppets, backgrounds and props allow your child to create their own stories and theater performances. It is an extremely creative activity that stimulates the imagination.


The books are a great gift idea for a 4-year-old on Children's Day . Reading books develops listening skills, stimulates the imagination and supports the child's language development.

Coloring sets

Get your 4-year-old themed coloring pages. You can choose a theme from your favorite fairy tale. You can buy a whole coloring set with crayons, markers and paints. Your child will decide for himself what tools he will need for drawing and painting.

Play dough, modeling clay or foam clay

Play dough and things like that are great for stimulating the imagination. Children can create all kinds of things from modeling clay, e.g. shapes, animals, characters and objects.

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How to surprise a 4-year-old on Children's Day?

Are you wondering what to do on Children's Day to surprise your little one? There are many ways to put a smile on a child's face on this special day.

  • Surprise breakfast - on Children's Day, prepare your child's favorite breakfast.
  • Family picnic - plan an outdoor picnic in the garden or in a nearby park. Prepare your favorite snacks, blanket and toys. Thanks to this, you will certainly have a nice time with your family.
  • Playroom - on this special day, children love to go to different playrooms.
  • Competitions and games - on Children's Day , prepare various games and competitions for your 4-year-old. You can play movement games, dance, arranging, making faces out of balloons or guessing.

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