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Wooden beach loungers are not only practical, but also add charm and style to any place you place them.

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A wooden deckchair - this is a must-have in your garden

The weather outside is increasingly encouraging to spend time outdoors. Relaxing in the rays of the setting sun is the perfect idea to end a hard day. To make your time more pleasant, it is worth taking care of the details. A good movie, a book, a cup of delicious tea - these elements definitely cannot be missing. Comfort and convenience when sitting in the garden or on the terrace are very important. How to take care of it? First of all, you need to choose the right garden furniture. One that will provide us with comfort and at the same time will not take up much space. In our opinion, the best solution iswooden deckchair.

Why a deckchair?

The biggest advantagedeckchairis its handiness. It can be easily folded, which makes it easier to store it, e.g. in winter. Due to its portable nature, you can take it anywhere! Offered by uswooden deckchairit is small in size. It is perfect for both a large garden and a narrow balcony. Thanks to the 3-step adjustment, you can perfectly adjust the lounger to your needs. The deckchair will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the garden. Wood is a very aesthetic raw material that is appreciated by many people. The raw finish is part of minimalism. It will fit perfectly into the natural landscape. Well madesunbed, high quality will serve you for many years!

What is it made of?

Ouradvertising deckchairsThey are made of beech wood, with a cross-section of 3.5 cm. The deckchair fabric is made of cordura with a weight of 220g/m2. It is a waterproof material on which any motif can be printed. If the material gets dirty, it is best to clean it with a damp cloth. If the material is more dirty, it can be removed and washed in the washing machine. It is very important not to wash it at high temperature. Washing at 30 degrees is recommended. At this temperature, the material will not shrink or discolor.

Deckchair with a print - which motif to choose?

Our offer includes various colors of cordura, from which the interior of the lounger is made.Classic deckchairs without a motifit's a good solution for people who like minimalism. For people who like madness, we offer deckchairs with prints in many great patterns. It's not everything! Maybe you have your own idea for a print? If you would like to place it on a deckchair, we can help you with that. Just send us your graphics or photo and we will prepare a visualization for you. A deckchair with your own print is a perfect gift idea! Surprise your loved one with an original gift.

An excellent means of advertising.

In today's world, it is very difficult to find an advertising medium that will attract attention. Every day we receive many stimuli. We cannot remember everything we see. A good solution in this situation are advertising gadgets. They will remind you about a given product or service on a daily basis. If you are looking for a good means of promotion, chooseadvertising deckchairs! It is a long-lasting form of advertising, resistant to weather conditions and the passage of time. Advertising deckchairs are made of beech wood, which is very resistant.

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