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We can create any advertising bag according to your highest requirements. Creativity is our middle name. We create unique projects that are always at your disposal. We offer advertising, printed, paper, cotton and shopping bags. Tell us what advertising bag you need and we will take care of every detail.

We are ecological

Our main business profile is the production of ecological bags.

Promotions and discounts

Attractive promotions often appear on our website, and we offer large discounts for large orders

Express delivery

We send parcels to any address and at an express speed turbo.

Customer Satisfaction

Convince yourself and join the group of thousands of satisfied customers.

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O tym, że torebki foliowe są szkodliwe dla środowiska, rozkładają się kilkaset lat, zalegają na wysypiskach śmieci i zaśmiecają morza, pola, lasy i oceany, wiemy wszyscy. O tym, że Unia Europejska w w...


Do you buy disposable plastic shopping bags? Check how much you can save by choosing ecological solutions.

Torby foliowe zalewają naszą planetę, zalegają na wysypiskach śmieci, zanieczyszczają lasy, rzeki i inne miejsca środowiska naturalnego. Obecne są nawet w oceanach, nierzadko zjadane przez inne stworz...


Paper or material bag, which one is more environmentally friendly?

Troska o dobro naturalne i stan naszej planety co raz częściej wpływa na wybory konsumentów. Zdecydowana większość kupujących przed dokonaniem wyboru zakupowego orientuje się jakie wybór...


Fashion for ecology - recycled cotton and paper bags!


In the world of unique advertising bags for your brand. Due to the careful selection of advertising bags in AllBag, our product ceases to be only a usable object, but it becomes above all a special gift. Our laminated bags will tell the customer much more than the most beautiful words - the great power of small gestures is our specialty. A unique ecological bag - paper or cotton - always evokes positive emotions and supports the best relationship with the customer. At AllBag, ordinary bags do not satisfy us. We are constantly looking for more interesting, original ideas. Our carefully selected ecological bags are a guaranteed highlight of individuality combined with high quality and the lowest price.