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Wyjątkowe Torby na miarę Twojego biznesu

Zamów spersonalizowane torby papierowe w atrakcyjnych cenach! Idealne dla Twojej marki, ekologiczne i stylowe.
Promocja trwa do 1 Sierpnia

Torby Materiałowe Szyte na Miarę

Wyróżnij się unikalnym stylem i dbałością o ekologię. W pełni spersonalizowane torby wybierz materiał, kolory i nadruki, i stwórz torbę idealnie dopasowaną do Twojej marki

Deckchairs at a great price

Dozens of different designs, high quality of workmanship.
Now sun loungers up to 30% cheaper before the season

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Tailor-made Material Products

Each of our products is carefully crafted from high-quality, durable materials to ensure not only a fashionable appearance, but also long-term usability.

Advertising Bags according to your design

We can create any promotional bag according to your highest requirements. Creativity is our middle name. We create unique projects that are always at your disposal. We offer advertising bags with prints, paper bags, cotton bags and shopping bags. Print a logo, advertising slogan or any graphic related to your brand on the selected bag and gain a new creative advertising medium!

They trusted us:

Personalization, durability and comfort

Our production process combines high-quality materials with precision of workmanship, creating loungers that not only look stylish, but are also durable and functional.

Wooden deckchairs with a print

Our deckchairs are not only a unique place to relax, but also an expression of individual taste. Thanks to the solid wooden construction and the possibility of personalizing the print, we create a unique place to relax that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Customize the Deckchair to Your Own Needs

Wooden deckchairs for the beach, garden or ski slope. You decide, the weather doesn't matter! Our offer includes 3 different types of loungers

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Leżak drewniany - RÓŻNE KOLORY Biały
Wooden deckchair - VARIOUS COLORS
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Leżak drewniany z nadrukiem ABSTRAKCJA PŁYNNE KOLORY
Wooden deckchair with ABSTRACT LIQUID COLORS print
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DescriptionWooden advertising deckchair Width: 55 cm Height: 120cm Weight: 7.5 kg Material: adventure polyester fabric 220g m/2;... Wooden deckchair made of beech wood without armrest, with adjustable seat level 3 levels: sitting,... Garden deckchair with print Width: 55 cm Height: 120cm Weight: 7.5 kg Material: adventure polyester fabric 220g...