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For many of us, the synonym of a successful holiday is relaxation on the seaside beach. And speaking of it, I don't think any of us can imagine it without the iconic screens.

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Beach screens are a symbol of summer

Summer is most often associated with blissful relaxation and long-awaited holidays. For many of us, the synonym of a successful holiday is relaxation on the seaside beach. And speaking of it, I don't think any of us can imagine it without the iconic onesscreens.These extremely popular beach covers were also available in our store. Having extensive experience on the market, we pay special attention to the quality of our products. We implement this idea, among other things, by carefully selecting the materials used for our productionbeach screens. Microfiber fabric guarantees excellent protection against wind and sand. Stretched on solid wooden poles, it will not bend under his pressure. Additionally, it will guarantee you a bit of privacy on the often extremely crowded beach. Besides, does anyone need to be convinced of the advantages of screens?

Which beach screen should you choose?

What should characterize a good one?screen?First of all, durability, handiness and appropriate length. These are the features we followed when preparing our offer of beach covers. We designed them in 3 different sizes: 3, 5 and 8 meters long. Regardless of whether you are planning a holiday solo or with the whole family, we will provide you with everything you needscreen. Using wooden dowels, you can easily adjust its shape to your personal preferences. Moreover, to make our product fulfill its function even better, it is equipped with additional accessories. Thanks to the cover, you can easily fold it and secure it for transport. While waiting for the next season, the screen will also be completely safe there. With the comfort of our customers in mind, we also include an extremely practical carrying belt with the product. It guarantees comfort on the way to the beach, so that your holiday peace remains undisturbed. It is worth ensuring the comfort of your stay in every detail.

Screens in the most fashionable version

Are you an extraordinary person? In addition to practicality, do you also value style and aesthetics? If so, you will probably appreciate our efforts to create a unique offerbeach screens. To emphasize the holiday atmosphere even more, we offer them in a variety of chic designs. Floral motifs and stylish compositions with a touch of fantasy predominate among them. Their unique color will help you achieve complete relaxation. A distinctive appearance will make it easier to find yoursscreen on the beach. This is important because beaches are often overloaded with tourists hungry for relaxation. To be sure of the attractiveness of our products, we constantly monitor current trends. Listening to our customers' needs, we modify our offer to best suit them. A noteworthy advantage of our screens is the ability to replace the fabric without the use of tools. For people who like change, this may be a tempting option. This also gives you the valuable opportunity to wash the fabric if it gets any dirty.

Beach screens support our economy.

The last few months have been a tough nut to crack for the Polish economy. Without a doubt, the times of the pandemic have taken their toll on all of us. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have been brought to the brink of bankruptcy. Even if it does not affect us directly, this fact deepens the existing crisis. It is even more important to support Polish producers and local businesses whenever possible. We are proud to announce thatscreensavailable in our online store are 100% Polish product. This is a guarantee of high quality and careful workmanship. Moreover, as a company, we contribute to the development of our community by offering employment to local employees.

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