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Are you planning to send a parcel or secure and protect your products? Stretch foil is the perfect solution for you! This versatile and flexible foil is irreplaceable in many industries, from logistics to the food industry.
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Stretch foil

What is stretch foil?

Stretch wrap, also known as stretch wrap, is a flexible material used to wrap pallets, goods and other packaging for protection and stabilization. Made of polyethylene, stretch film is very durable and tear-resistant, which makes it an ideal material for transport, storage and storage.

Why is it worth using stretch foil?

1. Protection against damage

One of the most important advantages of stretch foil is its ability to protect products against damage. Thanks to its flexibility and durability, stretch foil provides stabilization and protection against shocks, vibrations and other external factors that may damage goods during transport.

2. Increasing logistic efficiency

Stretch foil helps organize and optimize logistics processes. Thanks to its use, you can easily collect and secure products on a pallet, which facilitates loading, unloading and storage. Additionally, stretch foil ensures the stability of goods on the pallet, which minimizes the risk of damage and losses.

3. Cost savings

The use of stretch film can bring significant cost savings. By protecting products against damage, we avoid losses related to complaints and warehouse losses. Moreover, stretch foil is a cheaper solution compared to other packaging methods, such as cartons or string bags.

4. Eco-friendly solution

Stretch foil is also a more ecological solution compared to other packaging materials. It can be easily recycled and is less harmful to the environment than plastic bags or disposable packaging. Thanks to this, by using stretch foil, we can contribute to protecting our planet.

How to use stretch foil correctly?

To get the best results and benefits from stretch foil, it is worth following a few practical tips:

  1. Selection of the appropriate foil: Choose foil of appropriate thickness and strength, adapted to the specific nature of the products being transported.
  2. Proper wrapping: Wrap goods evenly and try to maintain appropriate film tension to ensure stability and security.
  3. Use the right tools: To facilitate wrapping and ensure even tension, it is worth using appropriate tools, such as a manual or automatic film stretcher.

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