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What to watch on Netflix? Interesting suggestions for summer evenings

Co obejrzeć na netflix? Ciekawe propozycje na letnie wieczory

Tomasz Woźniak |

The hot days of summer have arrived, and with them new opportunities to spend time. Although many people look forward to the opportunity to relax outdoors, there are also those who value the comfort of home. Whether due to inclement weather or simply preference, long summer evenings in the comfort of your own home can be just as enjoyable. You just need to arrange them appropriately - for example, with the help of Netflix , which offers a real wealth of film and series gems. What proposals are particularly worth considering?

What's worth watching on Netflix ? Original productions for summer evenings

The Netflix streaming service is famous not only for its rich library of films and series, but also for its own productions, which are of high quality. Among them, we will find both blockbusters and intimate, niche titles that will certainly appeal to lovers of various genres.

Thrillers and horror films

If you are a fan of atmospheric thrillers and horror movies, Netflix has a whole range of offers for you. One of them is "Don't Open Your Eyes" - a film about an apocalyptic reality in which mysterious creatures kill people just by looking at them. The heroine, Malorie, must go through dangerous areas with her children, relying only on hearing. This production provides not only a dose of fear, but also deep emotions.


Another notable title in this category is "Killer Voyage" - a crime comedy in which married couple Nick and Audrey Spitz become involved in the international kidnapping of their friend the Maharaja, abducted from his own wedding. This film combines elements of thriller, crime and comedy, providing viewers with an unforgettable experience.

Action films

For fans of adrenaline and dynamic scenes, Netflix offers, among others, the series "Tyler Rake". Its main character, Tyler Rake (played by Chris Hemsworth), is a mercenary who is tasked with rescuing the kidnapped son of an international criminal. The dark world of smuggling, corruption and violence poses many challenges to him, and the viewer can count on extremely intense action scenes.

Another proposition in this genre is "Uncharted" - a film adaptation of a popular series of computer games. Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake, an exceptionally talented thief who is recruited to participate in a mission to search for Ferdinand Magellan's treasure. Full of humor and adventure, the production is great entertainment for a summer evening.

Dramas and comedies

Netflix's offer also includes great dramas and comedies. One of the most interesting titles is "Two Popes" - a story about an extraordinary meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and the future Pope Francis. In a time of great change in the Church, two spiritual leaders share their fears, doubts and visions for the future.

In turn, comedy lovers will certainly appreciate "My Name Is Dolemite" - a biographical story about the life of Rudy Ray Moore, a comedian and "father of rap", who became a cult figure in the 1970s. The title role was played by the incomparable Eddie Murphy.

Cinema classics on Netflix

Netflix offers not only original productions, but also real gems of cinematography that are worth discovering or re-remembering. These include titles such as:

Gangster and crime films

"The Irishman" - Martin Scorsese's epic story about organized crime in the post-war United States, seen through the eyes of World War II veteran Frank Sheeran.

"Gad" - a crime story in which hardened detective Tom Nichols investigates the murder of a real estate broker.


"Dog's Claws" - a classic western telling the story of two brothers, owners of a large ranch in Montana, whose relationship changes dramatically.


"Marriage Story" - a moving drama about a crumbling marriage, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver.

"No Change in the West" - an anti-war project based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque, showing the brutal reality of World War I through the eyes of a young German soldier.


"Don't Look Up" - an apocalyptic black comedy with an all-star cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, telling the story of two astronomers trying to warn humanity about an approaching comet.

Summary - what is worth watching on Netflix ?

Whether you're a fan of thrillers, comedies, dramas or classic movies, Netflix certainly has something for you for summer evenings. Regardless of your movie preferences, you will certainly find something that will make your long summer evenings more pleasant. Already know what to watch on Netflix? Take a bean bag , make some popcorn and enjoy the summer cinema atmosphere.

What to watch on Netflix?

Thrillers and horror films

  1. "Don't Open Your Eyes" ("Bird Box")
  2. "Murder Mystery"

Action films

  1. “Tyler Rake” ("Extraction")
  2. “Uncharted”

Dramas and comedies

  1. "The Two Popes"
  2. “My name is Dolemite” ("Dolemite Is My Name")

Gangster and crime films

  1. "The Irishman"
  2. “Gad” ("The Gad")


  1. "Dog Claws" ("The Power of the Dog")


  1. "Marriage Story"
  2. "All Quiet on the Western Front"


  1. Don't Look Up ("Don't Look Up")


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