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What to do with your child in autumn? Interesting ideas!

jesień z dzieckiem

Adrian Koźlik |

Autumn is a special time, full of beautiful colors, golden leaves and pleasant aura. It's also a great time to spend time with your child and enjoy a variety of activities. If you are wondering what to do with your child in autumn, we have many creative ideas and inspirations for you that will help you discover the magic of this season together!

A walk among colorful leaves

autumn activities Start your adventure with a walk in the park or forest. Autumn landscapes are extremely picturesque, and the colorful leaves on the trees add charm to the surroundings. While walking, encourage your child to observe nature, listen to the sounds of the surroundings and touch different textures. You can look for beautiful leaves, chestnuts, acorns and pine cones, which will be perfect material for later art activities.

Playing with chestnuts, acorns and leaves

Chestnuts, acorns and leaves are perfect elements for creative play. Together you can create various chestnut figurines, such as people or animals. Just use your imagination and add other elements, such as twigs or pieces of string. You can also paint chestnuts with paints and create colorful decorations from them.

Leaves also offer lots of fun opportunities. You can create bouquets of leaves, make their prints on paper using paints or pencils. You can also arrange leaves in various patterns and images on the floor, creating your own works of art.

Preparing homemade delicacies

Autumn is the perfect time to bake and cook with your child. You can preparedelicious cakes , muffins or apple pies together using seasonal fruits such as apples or plums, or create sweet works of art together in the form of desserts in cups. It's not only great fun, but also a great opportunity to learn basic kitchen skills and develop your child's culinary creativity.

Art workshop

autumn activities Autumn is a perfect time for creative art workshops. You can paint, draw, cut and glue various works together. Use seasonal motifs such as trees, leaves, mushrooms or pumpkins to create beautiful works of art. You can also make your own decorations on autumn themes, such as leaf garlands, chestnut wreaths or pumpkin decorations.

Sensory games

Autumn is a time when many senses can be stimulated by various stimuli. Use this opportunity for sensory play. You can create sensory containers with chestnuts, acorns, leaves or pumpkins that will provide your child with a variety of tactile and visual experiences. You can also create scented jars with seasonal spices, such as cinnamon, cloves or ginger, which will stimulate the sense of smell.

Trips and picnics

Enjoy beautiful autumn also outside. You can plan trips to nearby parks, botanical gardens or forests to admire autumn landscapes and walk along the paths. You can also organize picnics outdoors, bringing along blankets, snacks and outdoor games. It's a great opportunity to spend time together and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Educational activities

Autumn is also a great time to learn and develop skills. You can read books together about autumn, nature, animals or changes in the environment. You can also organize various science experiments using seasonal ingredients such as acorns, leaves or pumpkins. It's a great way to develop curiosity and gain knowledge.

Autumn homework

Autumn is also a great time to do various household chores with your child. You can clean the garden, collect leaves, organize cabinets or decorate windows with seasonal decorations. These are not only useful activities, but also a great opportunity to spend time together and learn responsibility for household chores.

Fun on rainy days

Autumn is a time when it often rains. Don't let the worsening weather spoil your mood. You can have fun together at home, creating various games and activities. You can organize parties for dolls, create tracks for toy cars or arrange puzzles. This is a perfect time to spend time together in a warm and cozy home.

Activities in the atmosphere of autumn

Use the theme of the autumn season to organize various thematic activities. You can read books about autumn together, listen to songs about nature, create rhymes and poems about autumn. You can also organize puppet shows related to the autumn season or create your own illustrated books about autumn. This is a great way to develop your child's creativity and imagination.

Colorful autumn inspirations

Autumn is a time full of opportunities to spend time with your child and enjoy various activities. Walking in parks, creating decorations with leaves and chestnuts, baking and cooking together, art workshops, sensory games, trips and picnics, educational activities, housework, games on rainy days and activities in the autumn atmosphere - these are just some of the ideas that can bring joy to both you and your child. Use this special time to create beautiful memories and enjoy moments together.

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