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What do the baubles on the Christmas tree symbolize? We explain!

Co symbolizują bombki na choince? Wyjaśniamy!

Tomasz Woźniak |

A Christmas tree , decorated with colorful baubles , is an integral part of Christmas. Christmas trees decorated with colorful decorations in various patterns and permanent shapes have become one of the most popular winter holiday traditions. But do we know why baubles are so important? Why do we hang them on the Christmas tree? What is their origin and what is their symbolic meaning? We invite you to discover the secrets of the symbolism of Christmas baubles, which are one of the most popular decorations during Christmas.

Origin and Tradition of Decorating the Christmas Tree

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree for Christmas has its roots in Germany, where decorating Christmas trees began in the 16th century. In Poland, this custom appeared at the beginning of the 19th century and quickly gained popularity. Christmas balls The Christmas tree symbolizes the tree of knowledge - good and bad, as well as rebirth and durability of life.

Christmas baubles come in various shapes and colors, and each of them has its own symbolic meaning. The spherical shape of the bauble symbolizes the continuity and durability of human life. Fruits such as apples, mushrooms and fish remind us of abundance and fertility, as well as traditional Christmas Eve dishes.

The color of the baubles also matters. Red, which is the most popular color of baubles , symbolizes dignity and fertility. Green, on the other hand, is a symbol of eternal life, and gold represents wealth and the victory of good over evil. White and silver refer to the winter season and symbolize innocence.

The Importance of Traditional Baubles

Traditional baubles have their roots in religious beliefs and customs. One of the most important symbols is the apple, which refers to the original sin of Adam and Eve. The coming of Jesus Christ to earth and the sacrifice he made cleanses our sins.

Christmas tree chains symbolize family ties and closeness. In the past, they were also intended to remind us of original sin. Angels hanging on the Christmas tree bring happiness and care for the home. Christmas tree lights symbolize the light of hope brought by Jesus Christ, and also protect household members against evil forces.

The Message of the Symbolism of Baubles

Decorating the Christmas tree with baubles has a deeper message. This is a time when we can remind ourselves of important values ​​such as love, hope and joy. Each bauble on the Christmas tree reminds us of our sins and the need for purification. Throughout the Christmas season, a Christmas tree with baubles becomes a symbol of joy, abundance and community.

Many of us keep baubles that are passed down from generation to generation. These are not only beautiful decorations, but also valuable souvenirs of family heritage. Each bauble has its own history and value Christmas balls sentimental, which privileges it on the Christmas tree. They create a unique atmosphere and bring a festive mood to our homes.

Currently, there are a variety of Christmas baubles available on the market that can be adjusted to your style and taste. In addition to traditional glass baubles, you can also find baubles made of wood, plastic and even fabric. Many of them are handmade and decorated, which gives them a unique character.

An abundance of colorful Christmas baubles

Christmas baubles have a long history and deep symbolic meaning. Decorating a Christmas tree is not only about decorating your home, but also about reminding yourself of values ​​and traditions. Each bauble on the Christmas tree has its own story and sentimental value that makes it unique. Regardless of the shape and color, baubles on the Christmas tree create a magical atmosphere and put us in the Christmas mood.

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