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What to do for Children's Day in Kindergarten? Inspiring ideas for fun!

dzień dziecka w przedszkolu

Tomasz Woźniak |

Preschool Children's Day is a unique opportunity to make our children feel truly appreciated and special. This is the moment when we can focus solely on them, providing them with unforgettable memories and joy that they often miss on a daily basis. We have prepared fascinating ideas for you that will work well on both a sunny and rainy day - from exciting treasure hunts, through creative workshops, to dancing themed parties. Thanks to these inspirations, your Children's Day will surely become a success, and the smile on the children's faces will be the best proof of it!

A magical show for Children's Day 2024

One of the best ways to celebrate Children's Day in kindergarten is to organize a unique performance performed by the teachers themselves. This not only provides children with entertainment, but also allows them to see their caregivers in a completely new, creative role, which can significantly strengthen relationships.

Selecting a topic

When choosing a theme for the show, it is worth focusing on children's interests - popular fairy tales, adventures of superheroes or magical stories about animals are great ideas that will be extremely engaging for young audiences. It is important that the topic is both fun and educational, encouraging children to think and actively participate.

Costumes and decorations

There is no need to worry about expensive costumes - you can easily rent them from a local rental company. Thanks to this, teachers will be able to transform themselves into fairy-tale characters without excessively burdening the kindergarten budget. Decorations are equally important - simple elements, such as colorful balloons or posters, can completely change the appearance of the room, transporting children to the magical world of the show.


To involve children even more in the action, it is worth planning moments in which they can actively participate - answer questions, sing songs with the actors or even dance. This form of fun will not only provide them with great joy, but will also strengthen the feeling that they are an important part of the event.

A joyful costume party for Children's Day

A classic attraction that never gets boring and always pleases preschoolers is a costume party. This is a great opportunity for children to impersonate their favorite characters from fairy tales, books or films, and to creatively express themselves through original costumes.

Selecting a topic

The theme of the ball can be really diverse - from pirates, through characters from your favorite cartoons, to space and fantasy themes. The most important thing is that the decorations fully reflect the chosen theme, creating a magical atmosphere of fun.

Costumes and dressing up

Encouraging children to choose and make their own costumes is a great way to develop their creativity. Parents can be happy to help with preparations, which will further integrate the entire kindergarten community. For those kids who would find it difficult to get their dream costume, it is worth considering the possibility of renting costumes.

Fun and competitions

To make the ball even more exciting, you can organize various competitions and thematic games, e.g. dance fights, fashion shows or photo sessions. Such activities will not only provide children with unforgettable experiences, but will also allow them to fully take on their favorite roles.

Sports tournament on Children's Day

Organizing a sports tournament is a great way to celebrate Children's Day, allowing children to compete in a healthy way and spend time actively. Various disciplines, adapted to the age and abilities of preschoolers, will promote team spirit and fair play.

Competition selection

The most popular and safest activities that can be included in the tournament include running, target throwing, long jumps and relays. It is important to ensure diversity so that every child can find something for themselves.

Organization of the tournament

Dividing children into teams will help build the spirit of cooperation and mutual support. Each competition should be carefully planned, with clear rules and safe conditions. Teachers and parents can act as judges, fans or helpers, actively engaging in the event.

Rewards and appreciation

Regardless of the place taken, every child who takes part in the tournament should be rewarded. Medals, diplomas or small gifts are a great way to emphasize the joy of participating and trying new things, not just the victory itself.

Treasure hunt for Children's Day

A treasure hunt day is great fun that stimulates children's curiosity and spirit of discovery. By transforming the kindergarten into a mysterious island full of puzzles and surprises, we can create an unforgettable adventure combining learning with joyful fun.

Preparation of the area

To organize a treasure hunt, it is worth preparing the kindergarten area by creating various stations with tasks or puzzles. Each of them may contain a clue leading to the next location and ultimately to a hidden treasure. The route should be adapted to the age of children and ensure their sense of safety.

Puzzles and tasks

Tasks may include simple puzzles, movement puzzles, or manual dexterity, such as carrying objects without using your hands. All these activities will develop logical thinking skills, coordination and cooperation between children.

Treasure and rewards

You can prepare small gifts or sweet snacks as treasures. The most important thing is that every child who reaches the end of the search receives a reward. You can also plan a special treasure for the whole group, such as a new board game, to emphasize the value of playing together and working as a team.

Competitions and games for Children's Day in kindergarten

If Children's Day is celebrated among the entire kindergarten, it is worth organizing various competitions and games so that each child can feel special.

Competitions and challenges

Song, recitation, art, dance and puzzle-solving competitions will be great ideas. You can also organize a competition for the most beautiful coloring book or a game of hide and seek. The most important thing is that every child, regardless of place, receives a reward.

Form of participation

If the group is large, it is worth allowing children to independently choose the competition in which they want to take part. Thanks to this, they will be able to present the side that they consider to be their strongest. Even if only one child enters a given competition, if he or she completes the task, he or she should be rewarded.

Prizes and awards

Regardless of the place taken, each participant should receive a prize - a medal, a diploma or a small gift. This will help emphasize that the most important thing is the joy of participating, not just winning.

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