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Is soy wax healthy? We answer!

Czy wosk sojowy jest zdrowy? Odpowiadamy!

Adrian Koźlik |

Soy candles are an increasingly popular addition to any interior. They add both shine and warmth to the rooms.

Many people wonder if soy wax is healthy. All this is due to new trends that promote a healthy lifestyle. Almost everyone pays attention to the ingredients used in everyday products, and soy wax, popular in candle making, has become a topic of discussion and controversy.

In today's article, we will try to dispel any doubts and answer the question whether soy wax is healthy . We invite you to read!

Production of soy wax

Soybeans are used to produce soy wax . It all really starts with growing this plant. Soybean is a legume plant grown on a large scale in various regions of the world, mainly in the United States, Brazil, Argentina and China.

wosk sojowy

When the plant matures, its seeds are cleaned and dried. Then comes the extraction process, which involves separating soybean oil from proteins and the rest of the plant parts.

The next step is hydrolysis. During this process, proteins are dissolved in water and then separated from the rest of the substance.

The soybean oil that emerged during extraction is then hardened. This involves adding special hardening agents, such as potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide, which transform the soybean oil into a solid wax form.

Now you need to clean the wax to remove any residue or contamination.

In the final step, the soy wax is formed into various shapes, for example cubes, flakes or granules. It is then packed in appropriate packaging, ready for sale or further processing.

Comparison of soy and paraffin wax

When comparing soy wax and paraffin wax, it is worth considering several important aspects.

  • Source and Composition - Soy wax is made from soybeans, while paraffin wax is a by-product of petroleum refining.
  • Emission of substances - it is worth noting that paraffin wax may emit harmful substances during combustion, e.g. benzene and toluene. Soy wax does not emit these substances and is considered safer for health and the environment.
  • Burning time - soy wax burns much longer than paraffin, which means you can enjoy your candle longer.
  • Aroma - there is no denying that soy wax allows for better release of scented aromas, which means it can be more effective as a fragrance carrier in aromatic candles.
  • The good of our planet - soy wax is biodegradable, but paraffin is not. This means that it decomposes naturally and is less harmful to the environment, whereas paraffin wax is ordinary waste.

Is soy wax safe for our health?

Soy wax is considered safe for health . There are many factors in its favor.

Firstly, it does not burn cleanly, without any smoke that would be harmful to our body. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. This makes soy wax more friendly to indoor air quality, especially for people with sensitivities, allergies or respiratory problems.

You also need to know that soy wax works perfectly with essential oils and fragrance essences, which allows you to create aromatic soy candles with a pleasant scent.

soy wax If you have delicate skin, soy wax is really very gentle and does not cause skin irritations or allergies. Therefore, it can be used in cosmetics such as body creams, balms and massage candles.

How to choose healthy soy wax?

If you want to buy healthy and safe soy wax , you should pay attention to some information.

Whenever you buy soy wax, it is worth reading the ingredients label. Make sure the main ingredient is soy wax without any additional substances or preservatives.

You can also choose organic wax. All you need to do is find a certified supplier. Such plants are not treated with any chemicals during cultivation.

Also pay attention to the packaging in which the wax is stored. Try to choose the one packed in paper or glass. Avoid plastic packaging, which may contain substances harmful to health and the environment.

If you are wondering how to make a soy wax candle, click here and see the full step-by-step instructions!

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