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What is packvertising? Check it out!

Czym jest packvertising? Sprawdź to!

Magda Gwaj |

Packaging has long played an important role in the sales process. One of the latest trends in marketing is packvertising , i.e. the use of packaging as an effective form of advertising. In this context, printed paper bags with a brand logo become an extremely important tool that allows both to increase sales and strengthen the company's recognition. In this article you will learn why printed paper bags are so important in packvertising , what their benefits are and how to choose the right bags for your needs.

Benefits of printed paper bags

Paper bags with print Printed paper bags have many advantages that translate into the effectiveness of packvertising . Here are some key benefits:

Strengthening the brand

Paper bags with a brand logo are an excellent tool for building brand awareness and strengthening its image. When customers wear bags with your logo, they become ambassadors of your brand, promoting it among their surroundings. This not only increases brand recognition, but also builds customer trust and loyalty.

Effective advertising

Paper bags with prints are portable advertising media that reach a wide range of recipients. When customers carry bags with your logo, they expose your brand to the public, attracting the attention of potential customers. It is an effective form of advertising that allows you to reach new customers and encourage them to use your products or services.

Ecological solution

Paper bags are environmentally friendly, which is an important factor nowadays when more and more consumers care about ecology. Paper bags are made from renewable and biodegradable raw materials, which makes them more ecological than plastic bags. This is a positive message for customers that can influence their purchasing decisions.


Printed paper bags are not only a practical way to store and transport purchases, but can also serve other functions. They can be used as gift packaging or as a decorative element in a store or at a trade fair stand. It is a versatile tool that can be adapted to various needs and purposes.

Choosing the right paper bags

Selecting the right printed paper bags is crucial for the effectiveness of packvertising . Here are some factors to consider when choosing:

Quality and durability

Paper bags with print Printed paper bags should be made of high-quality materials that provide sufficient durability. It is important that the bags are strong and resistant to damage so that they can serve customers for a long time. This will ensure a positive customer experience and strengthen the brand image.

Color and pattern

The color and pattern of paper bags should be consistent with the brand's visual identification. It is important that the bags are consistent with other brand elements such as the logo, color scheme and graphic style. This helps build brand recognition and stand out from the competition.


Paper bags should be appropriately personalized to suit the specific needs and preferences of the brand. You can add your logo, slogan, contact information or other graphics that represent your brand. Personalizing your bags makes them more unique and eye-catching.


Paper bags should be practical and functional. They should have appropriate handles or straps that make them easier to carry. And also easy to fold and store, so that it is convenient for customers to use them.

Packvertising of paper packaging

Printed paper bags are an excellent tool in packvertising . They have many benefits, such as brand strengthening, effective advertising, eco-friendliness and versatility. Selecting the right bags is crucial for the effectiveness of packvertising , so it is worth paying attention to quality, color, pattern, personalization and practicality. Printed paper bags are not only a practical solution, but also an effective tool for building brand recognition and increasing sales.

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