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How to fill a parcel for shipping? 7 proven ways

Czym wypełnić paczkę do wysyłki? 7 sprawdzonych sposobów

Adrian Koźlik |

Do you sell by mail order? If so, you certainly know that the safe transport of the product to the customer is extremely important. So what should you fill the package with to ensure it reaches the customer safely? We present several ideas that will significantly increase the safety of transported products

Types of filling for parcels

Remember that the shipment should be properly secured not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The item contained in the package should not stick directly to the walls of the box or rub against other elements of the package if they are susceptible to damage. The better we fill the box with the shipment, the less it will be exposed to damage during transport. Additionally, customers will not return ordered goods and our ratings will not be negative! Below are some ways to fill your parcel

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is the most popular way to fill a package . It can be used to secure almost anything with great ease. Even glass or porcelain items will be well protected. It is waterproof and very durable. It has been working well for many years and few people want to change it. Unfortunately, it is not recyclable and the only thing it can be used for is to re-ship something.

Styrofoam chips

Nowadays, they are not used so often, but they are great for packing irregularly shaped items . They fill empty spaces well and stabilize the contents. This increases the chance that the entire package will reach the customer. The chips are recyclable, but we are talking about re-shipping. Unfortunately, as with bubble wrap, they are not recyclable. rodzaje wypełnienia

Cut up cardboard

This is a good, ecological way to reuse cardboard boxes. When we have unnecessary or damaged cardboard boxes , it is worth cutting them into smaller pieces and using them as filling for the package. They absorb impacts well and are perfect for packing e.g. plastic items.

Crumpled newspapers

Another way to fill your pack with whatever is at hand is crumpled newspapers. We roll them into balls and stuff them into a cardboard box with the contents. Their disadvantage is that they are only suitable for packaging lighter products or products with solid packaging.

Wine corks

Many people do not throw it into the trash after drinking a bottle of wine. They leave traffic jams "for later". Thanks to them, you can fill the box and protect the contents against destruction. This is a particularly good method because the corks are flexible and have good shock absorption.

Old clothes

When we have old clothes that we no longer wear, it is worth using them to send a parcel. Clothes materials will work the same way. There are three ways to use them. The first is to wrap the contents and put them in a cardboard box. The material will give it cushioning and prevent damage. Another way is to put an item inside and fill the empty spaces with clothes. The last method is to cut clothes or fabric into smaller pieces and throw them into a cardboard box.


Air cushions are perfect for filling empty surfaces in cardboard boxes. Not only will they prevent the contents from moving, but they will also provide cushioning if necessary. As you know, they are usually made of plastic. Fortunately, more and more companies are producing them from recycled materials.

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