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What to fill a gift box with? That is, how to pack a gift ecologically and aesthetically without much money

Czym wypełnić pudełko na prezent? Czyli jak bez większego wkładu pieniężnego, ekologicznie i estetycznie zapakować upominek

Adrian Koźlik |

The holidays are approaching, many of us are probably wondering what to give to our loved ones to make this day special? What to put in a small gift box to make them happy? Once we answer these questions, a second problem arises, namely how to pack them elegantly or, more importantly, how to fill the empty spaces in these gift boxes ? In this article, we will tell you how handle gifts with pleasure and without much effort.

Gift wrapping? Is it really that important? pudełko prezentowe

We know that the most important thing is the interior, but to achieve the "WOW" effect, we must meet all aspects, including an aesthetic gift box. We can build them ourselves, but when we don't have enough time or inclination, we have to buy them, but what if none of the boxes reflect your individual character?

In this case , a personalized gift box with a print will be perfect. There are many variants you may like. This allows you to use your creativity and "Put your whole self" into the outside of the packaging. It will be not only a gift box, but also a decoration for any interior of apartments or houses, which will also create nice memories.

An ecological solution that complements the gift

We have chosen the gift and packaging, the only question left is the one that appeared at the beginning: What to fill the gift box with? It seems that we will have to search many websites and spend extra money, but despite everything, we do not have to look far for the answer. Here are some ideas for filling your unique gift box. Each of us has paper bags hidden somewhere, why not give them a second life and spend a little time cutting out thin strips that will not only fill your spaces but also protect the gift from damage.

For floristry fans, we suggest using dried leaves additionally saturated with the scent of essential oils or, if there are no leaves, scented fir needles giving off a unique tangerine aroma that perfectly matches Christmas gift boxes . Thanks to olfactory memory, we are able to remember the emotions that accompanied us when we smelled a certain smell, so if your goal is to evoke pudełka prezentowe unforgettable experiences when giving a gift, we recommend using this idea.

You can also use small sweets, they will certainly not distract attention from the gift, but will only make opening it even more enjoyable. The sweets market is constantly developing, so adding your favorite sweets as a filler to a gift box will not be difficult, and it will certainly bring a smile to your face, especially in the case of children, but not only. In the case of very delicate and fragile gifts, fillers will be perfect. for parcels made of recycled polystyrene. There are many variants and shapes available on the Internet, unfortunately we also have to be prepared for additional expenses. The advantage of this solution is a biodegradable material that does not produce toxic substances and is completely degradable under the influence of water.

Colorful small stones are also ideal, they will make the gift box and its contents heavier, which favors a positive reception. As research confirms, the heavier the product, the more luxurious it seems. It is worth taking advantage of this to seemingly increase the value of your gift. This solution does not require a large financial contribution from us, because we can make it at home, all we need to do is collect the pebbles, wash and dry them thoroughly, then color them using paints and leave them to dry.

The only thing stopping you from coming up with your own filler for the empty spaces in the gift box is your creativity. We hope that this post has stimulated it in you and now you will be able to give the perfect gift to your loved ones.

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