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Why is it worth going mushroom picking in the morning? Check it out!

Dlaczego na grzyby warto chodzić rano? Sprawdź to!

Adrian Koźlik |

Mushroom season is a special time for nature lovers. Nothing can compare to the joy and excitement of picking your own mushrooms. Whether you are an experienced mushroom picker or just starting your adventure, morning hikes in the forest can be incredibly exciting and rewarding.

In today's article you will learn why it is worth going mushroom picking in the morning and how to prepare for it . We invite you to read!

When does the mushroom season start?

mushrooms 2023 Mushroom season usually begins in early fall, when the soil is still moist from summer rains. This is when mushrooms begin to grow and develop in the forest. However, the exact start date of the season may vary depending on the region and weather conditions. Therefore, it is worth staying up to date and following weather forecasts and information from local mushroom pickers. The earlier you start observing the forest, the greater your chances of finding delicious mushrooms.

Why is it worth going mushroom picking in the morning?

Although you can go mushroom picking at any time of the day, many experienced mushroom pickers prefer early mornings. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • Better visibility . In the morning, when the sun is just rising, the light is more diffuse, which makes it easier to see mushrooms among the leaves and grass. The sun also illuminates the mushrooms sideways, allowing you to see their shape and colors in natural light.
  • Less competition . Early mornings are less popular with mushroom pickers, so you have a better chance of finding fresh mushrooms. There is less competition and the mushrooms are not yet trampled by other seekers.
  • Mushrooms are juicier . In the morning, the mushrooms are still moistened by the morning dew or moisture from the previous evening. This makes them juicier and tastier. If you go mushroom picking in the morning, you have a greater chance of finding fresh and moist mushrooms.
  • What is worth taking with you when mushroom picking?

    To enjoy mushroom picking as much as possible, it is worth preparing properly and taking a few useful things with you. Here is a list of necessary items:

  • Paper bag or cotton bag . Mushrooms are best stored in paper bags or cotton bags. This allows air to circulate and keep the mushrooms fresh.
  • Knife . It is always worth having a knife for picking mushrooms. Choose one that is not too sharp to avoid accidental cuts.
  • Verified source of information . If you're a beginner mushroom picker, it's a good idea to have a mushroom identification book or app with you. This will help you identify the species you find in the forest.
  • What mushrooms are the tastiest?

    mushrooms 2023 When you go mushroom picking, you certainly want to find the tastiest mushrooms possible. Here are some species that are appreciated for their unique taste:

  • Chanterelles . Chanterelles are one of the most popular species of mushrooms in Poland. They have a delicate flavor and soft consistency that goes perfectly with other ingredients.
  • Bay boletes . Bolete is a mushroom with a distinctive taste and aroma. It is a perfect addition to meat dishes and sauces.
  • Boletus mushrooms . Boletus is the king of mushrooms. It has an intense flavor and meaty texture that makes it perfect for cooking and frying.
  • What should a beginner mushroom picker know?

    For a beginner mushroom picker, picking mushrooms can be a bit overwhelming, but with the right knowledge and preparation, this activity can become an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. Here are some tips for beginner mushroom pickers:

  • Learn to recognize mushroom species . Not all mushrooms are edible and some may even be poisonous. Therefore, before starting your mushroom picking adventure, it is worth getting acquainted with different species of mushrooms and learning to recognize them. You can use available books, online courses or seek advice from an experienced mushroom picker.
  • Only pick mushrooms that you are sure of . If you are not sure whether a particular species is edible, it is better not to collect it. It's not worth risking your health for a few mushrooms.
  • Collect only young , fresh mushrooms. Younger mushrooms are more tasty and have a better texture. Avoid picking mushrooms that are already spent or have visible signs of spoilage.

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