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DTG printing - advantages and disadvantages

Drukowanie metodą DTG- wady i zalety

Adrian Koźlik |

At the very beginning, it is worth explaining what the DTG abbreviation means. It comes from the English language, DTG - i.e. Direct to Garment, is a technique of printing directly on clothing . This is a relatively new printing technique that quickly gained huge popularity. It has many advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. Let's start from the beginning and take a look at what DTG printing looks like...

What does the DTG printing process look like?

The name itself reveals this process. When printing directly on clothing, digital patterns are applied to the fabric. The inks are applied directly to the material, which allows for full-color prints. It is not necessary to use transfer paper in the process, which significantly reduces the overall printing cost. It is worth noting that there is no other method that so accurately reproduces the complex details of the selected graphics in such a wide range of colors. DTG printers work very similarly to a regular home printer. The difference is that instead of an ordinary piece of paper, you provide, for example, a cotton bag. This means that apart from the cost of the selected item and ink, the costs of preparing the print are very low. DTG printing does not require the preparation of a printing matrix, which allows you to complete an order from just 1 piece. Printing can be made even on the same day. It is a one-step process, just send the graphic design and after its approval, you can immediately start implementing it! It is also worth mentioning that DTG printing uses white inks, which is rare in the case of alternative methods.

Advantages of printing directly on clothing (DTG) Bags with DTG print

DTG printing has many advantages. I will now present them in several sub-points:

  • High color accuracy
  • Low printing preparation costs directly affect high availability.
  • It can be used for projects that require extreme detail.
  • The print is very durable. The prints do not peel off easily and the colors do not fade too quickly because the ink is absorbed directly by the fabric.
  • The DTG technique is an extremely fast process, which allows you to complete the order even on the same day!
  • DTG printing is environmentally friendly. Prints made using this method use significantly less ink and water.
  • It is possible to print on colored materials

DTG printing defects

Like any printing method. This method also has several disadvantages. Here they are:

  • Too low profitability with high expenditure. The reason is the slower printing speed compared to alternative methods.
  • Restriction on the type of fabrics. DTG printing is possible on fabrics containing at least 50% cotton.
  • Sometimes pre-treatment may cause unpredictable stains that are only visible after obtaining the final product.
  • No cost reduction possible for large orders.

For whom is DTG the right choice?

Choosing a printing technique is not easy. It's important to set priorities and compromise on some issues. Printing directly on clothing will be an excellent choice if you care about high color and detail reproduction. This method is ideal for one-off production runs with small quantities. DTG is a method considered the most ecological compared to alternative printing techniques . So if you care about environmental protection, choosing this method will be the best choice. Are you looking for a company that will make a bag for you with a print, logo or other graphic of your choice made using the DTG method? Contact us , we have been specializing in prints for 12 years.

Are you curious about other printing techniques? In the next post you will learn more about the technique called screen printing!


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