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Foil courier envelopes - everything you need to know about this type of packaging

Foliowe koperty kurierskie- wszystko co musisz wiedzieć o tego typu opakowaniach

Adrian Koźlik |

Foil wraps , i.e. foil envelopes, are very popular due to their practical use. They are a perfect solution for companies selling their products online. Courier shipments have never been more popular than now. Along with the popularity, the demand for plastic wraps also increased. They are an inexpensive and light alternative to cardboard boxes. Foil envelopes take up little space, which is not a problem in small warehouses or lack of space.

What is a foil pack?

Light plastic bags, made of solid LDP foil. It is more durable than ordinary foil. Resistant to damage, moisture and dust, so you don't have to worry about the packed products, they are safe. Very functional and convenient to use, after closing the envelope it is not easy to open it without damaging it. Once opened, it cannot be closed without visible traces, which makes us sure that no one else has looked into our package. The foil pack is ideally suited for writing on it or applying labels and stickers.

What products can be packed in a foil envelope?

They are used to pack courier shipments in many online stores. But also in wholesalers, logistics centers and by people who do not run a business. We often sell something at online auctions, and a plastic bag is perfect for this purpose. Perfect for sending documents, thanks to protection against moisture. We are sure that they will reach the recipient intact. The foil package is perfect for sending clothes, it is light. It can be folded to fit perfectly into the foil bag and will be protected against dust and moisture. Small household items, books, well-protected jewelry.

Foil envelopes in various sizes

There are many sizes of foil envelopes available on the market today. They are available in a wide range of colors and are made of foil of various thicknesses. You can also order a dedicated size upon special request. Many companies decide to put their colors or company print on the foil packaging . This makes the company much more recognizable. This also creates a form of advertising for the company.

What are the basic advantages of choosing a foil envelope for shipping goods?

produkty do pakowania przesyłek

High degree of fit

Matching the plastic wrap to the products inside. Carefully sealing the foil envelope will ensure that there is no free space in it and our products will not be damaged.

Low cost

Low shipping costs, due to the fact that the foil pack is light and made of foil, this will not add any additional costs to the shipment.


Durable and resistant to damage thanks to solid workmanship, protection against damage, abrasion, tearing, dust, dirt, moisture.

Opaque foil

Protection of the shipment, the foil used for production is highly opaque, which means that no one will notice what is being sent. Our parcel will be protected. Additionally, thanks to the sealing of the foil wrap and the use of good quality glue, it is impossible to open it without being noticed.

Packing speed

Convenience and saving time for packing. Putting products into a foil bag and sealing it takes a few seconds. We do not waste time on gluing as in the case of cardboard, and we do not need additional tools such as tape, scissors or a knife. It also takes up little space, which is very important for companies that have little storage space.

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