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Where can you buy courier rebates? Check it out now

Gdzie można zakupić przylgi kurierskie? Sprawdź już teraz

Adrian Koźlik |

Courier rebates , also known as kangaroo pockets, foil pockets or docufix, allow you to quickly and safely place invoices, order history or user manuals without worrying that they may move during shipment. This is a convenient alternative used by large companies, but also by individuals.

przylgi kurierskie The material they are made of is resistant to all weather phenomena. One side of the rebate is completely covered with glue, which adheres tightly to the packaging wall. The thin and transparent LDPE transparent foil is a tear-resistant material and allows you to scan codes without the need to remove them from the rebates. They belong to the category of secure envelopes due to their exceptionally tight closure, thanks to which our data is transported without risk. Courier rebates can be found in many places, and their use significantly improves work in warehouses and stores.

Types of courier rebates.

Courier rebates can be divided into: due to size. Various variants definitely make them easier to use. Among many sizes, the smallest is the C7 format, it can accommodate a small piece of paper with our client's data, but if we care about aesthetics, we can find courier rebates in a format that matches even an A4 sheet of paper, so there will be no need to bend it. Their advantage is also durability, which is why they are perfect for sending all kinds of catalogs and leaflets.

  • DL courier rebates, dimensions 235x125 mm,
  • C4 courier rebates, dimensions 325x235 mm,
  • C5 courier rebates, dimensions 235x175 mm,
  • C6 courier rebates, dimensions 175x132 mm,
  • C7 courier rebates, dimensions 125x115 mm.

They also differ in color or print, the most popular are transparent/white rebates , they may have the manufacturer's logo or information and warning signs printed on them.

Courier rebates are largely made of recycled materials, which helps take care of the environment without worrying about the information stored in them. There are also rebates in a special ecological version, they are called courier rebates made of eco-foil, they are made of natural macroscopic fibers, thanks to which the entire envelope can be recycled.

Where to buy courier rebates?

przylgi kurierskie The development of the courier industry has contributed to the appearance of new solutions on the market that are intended to facilitate the packaging and shipment of parcels. Today, courier rebates are widely available and offered by more and more companies, guaranteeing safety.

The Internet is full of various types of courier rebates , many courier companies offer them. Therefore, finding them on the Internet is not difficult. Just enter the phrase courier rebates into your browser and search wholesalers to find the best price. If you want to buy rebates stationary, the matter is a bit more complicated, it would be best to find a wholesaler nearby and contact them about stationary sales. This is an ideal option for people who want to check the quality of rebates in person. The Allbag store also provides such services, come to us and see for yourself!

Courier rebates are accepted by any carrier. When you send parcels, print a label or invoice and place it in the rebate, stick it on and give it to your courier. It's so simple!
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