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Gru and the Minions: Undercover - The return of beloved characters in an exciting new version

Gru i Minionki: pod przykrywką - Powrót ukochanych bohaterów w nowej, ekscytującej odsłonie

Tomasz Woźniak |

For many fans, the adventures of Gru and his yellow creatures are an integral part of childhood. It's no wonder that news about the upcoming premiere of " Gro and the Minions: Undercover " arouses so much enthusiasm among viewers of all ages. Will the latest installment of this popular animated comedy series live up to its previous installments? What surprises await viewers this time? IN In this article, we will delve into the details of the upcoming film to assess whether it is worth going to the cinema to watch the adventures of Gru and his Minions.

Gru - from villain to agent

Although Gru has been known for years as a bumbling yet charismatic super-villain, in the latest installment of the series he undergoes a surprising transformation. Instead of wreaking destruction, our hero takes a job in a secret police intelligence agency, chasing local celebrities of the criminal underworld. It turns out that Gru knows them from his time at the School of Villains, and the upcoming reunion becomes an opportunity to come to terms with the shameful past.

However, the satisfaction from a successful manhunt turns out to be temporary when Gru's former persecutor, Maxime Le Rogue, escapes from prison with the help of an army of cockroaches. Faced with a new threat, Gru's family must enter the witness protection program, leaving behind their beloved town. Their new goal is to disappear, hide and devote themselves to their family life, recently expanded by the capricious Gru Junior.

New location, new challenges

Gru's eccentric family goes to Mayflower, a seaside resort for wealthy celebrities. Now functioning under the fictitious identities of the Cunningham family, they must find their way in the network of bourgeois dependencies. The routine of dangerous fights with bandits is replaced by strategic movement in a new, rich environment society.

The "moral" component is constantly confronted with external threats and conventions that attract young viewers. Gru's family life is interwoven with the specter of Le Rogue's revenge, snapshots from a corporation possessed by Minions, and the thieving aspirations of his neighbor Poppy, who time and time again reminds the protagonist of his abandoned passion for human harm.

The return of the iconic Minions

Without a doubt, one of the main attractions of the new part of Gru's adventures are his faithful companions - the Minions. Iconic, banana-like creatures with their irritating voices and slapstick humor are an inseparable element of this series.

Pierre Coffin returns as the voice of the Minions, who this time will have to face the challenges of working in a corporate reality. Will the yellow creatures cope in this new, demanding environment? Will their comical nature help the Gru family solve their new problems? Fans are certainly looking forward to seeing how the Minions will fare in this exciting installment.

An all-star cast

In addition to the return of the iconic Gru, voiced by Oscar nominee Steve Carell, viewers can count on the appearance of other famous personalities. Among them we will find, among others: Kristen Wiig as Lucy, an Oscar-nominated actress, who voices Gru's wife.

The new antagonist in the form of Maxime Le Rogue is Emmy Award winner Will Ferrell, while his femme fatale, Valentina, is voiced by Emmy nominee Sofia Vergara. Such an all-star line-up will certainly attract both fans of the series and viewers looking for the highest level of entertainment to cinemas.

Direction and production at the highest level

The director of " Gro and the Minions: Undercover " is the responsibility of creators who have had numerous successes under their belt. Oscar nominee Chris Renaud is behind the camera, collaborating with Patrick Delage, the animation director of such hits as "Sing 2" and "The Secret Life of Pets 2".

The film's script was written by Emmy Award winner Mike White ("White Lotus") and Ken Daurio, co-writer of previous installments in the series. The production was handled by Chris Meledandri, the visionary founder and CEO of Illumination, and Brett Hoffman, executive producer of "Super Mario Bros. The Movie".

Such an experienced and talented team of creators gives hope that " Gru and the Minions: Undercover " will equal, or maybe even exceed, the previous parts of the series in terms of quality of workmanship and a satisfying plot.

The success of the previous part

It is worth emphasizing that the latest installment of Gru and the Minions' adventures has big shoes to fill. The previous part of the series, "Minions: The Rise of Gru", turned out to be a huge commercial success, earning almost a billion dollars worldwide.

The Minions phenomenon, beloved by viewers of all age groups, has undoubtedly contributed to this impressive achievement. It's no wonder that fans are eagerly awaiting whether the latest installment of the series will be able to match or even exceed this impressive result.

Reactions from fans and critics

Although the latest part of " Gro and the Minions: Undercover " has not yet aroused such an enthusiastic grassroots campaign as was the case with the previous installment, fans' expectations are equally high. Viewers who grew up with the adventures of Gru and his yellow helpers will certainly visit cinemas in large numbers to see what the creators have prepared this time.

Critics are also following the development of this popular series with interest. Although not all previous parts were assessed positively, there are many indications that " Gro and the Minions: Undercover " may be a return to form. The consistent implementation of the series' assumptions, a radical change in the status quo and an engaging plot suggest that the latest installment may turn out to be a real hit among viewers of all ages.

Pre-premiere screenings

For those who can't wait for the premiere of " Gro and the Minions: Undercover ", special pre-premiere screenings are being organized this weekend, July 5, 2024. This is a great opportunity to be one of the first to see the new adventures of Gru and his yellow helpers.

It is worth following the film's official communication channels to learn more about the location and schedule of these unique screenings. Who knows, maybe you'll even win invitations to these exclusive shows?


The upcoming premiere of " Gro and the Minions: Undercover " arouses great interest among fans of the series. The return of the charismatic Gru, who undergoes a surprising transformation, and the iconic Minions in new, exciting circumstances is a tempting prospect.

The star cast, experienced creators and the success of the previous part of the series give hope that the latest installment of the adventures of Gru and his yellow helpers will be a real hit among viewers of all ages. It is worth following information about pre-premiere screenings and planning a family trip to the cinema to be among the first to see what the creators have prepared this time.

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