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How to organize a party in Barbie style: A unique party for Barbie fans

Jak zorganizować imprezę w stylu Barbie: Wyjątkowe przyjęcie dla fanów Barbie

Adrian Koźlik |

Are you planning a birthday for your daughter or looking for an idea for a themed party? Or maybe you are a Barbie fan and want to organize a unique Barbie-style meeting? The premiere of the latest film about the adventures of the most popular doll in the world is the perfect opportunity to feel like the main character of the film and move, at least for a moment, to the pink world of your favorite doll.

We invite you on an unforgettable journey to the pink kingdom of Barbie. Get ready for a solid dose of Hollywood sweetness!

Barbie - a pink icon on the big screen

Barbie dolls have been extremely popular for years and are one of the best-selling toys in the world. Barbie is not only the dream of every girl, but also an icon of popular culture. Her extraordinary beauty, style and personality make Barbie an inspiration for many people around the world. The Mattel brand, which produces iconic dolls, constantly introduces new series of toys that respond to changing trends and needs prime minister barbie society. Barbie is not just a doll, it is a phenomenon that has survived over the years and continues to inspire new generations.

The year 2023 can certainly be considered the year of the pink beauty, played by Margot Robbie and the greatest admirer of contemporary cinema, Ryan Gosling, turning into the blond-haired and extremely funny Ken. The last hours separate us from the great premiere of the most anticipated and exciting film of this year!

The film about Barbie directed by Greta Gerwig has already turned out to be a great marketing hit, introducing a large dose of fun and characteristic pink to our everyday life. Using the Google browser, we see an unprecedented dose of pink. Airbnb that allows us to spend the night in Ken's toy world , or stores that remind us with colors and symbols inherently associated with the most popular Mattel product, and this is only the beginning of the crazy fun. Barbie is finally leaving Barbieland and coming down to earth, so we cannot be surprised by the explosion of popularity of Barbie, her friend Ken, and the ideal characters from Barbieland, among which we can find, for example, Dua Lipa.

Barbie, every girl's dream

In childhood, almost every boy wants to become a professional footballer playing for Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, ​​winning the hearts of millions of people around the world. Girls, in turn, want to be like their greatest idol - Barbie doll.

Being Barbie means beauty, tact, class, independence, multitasking and barbie movie intelligence. The figure of a pink-loving doll hides an adult woman who is a symbol of dreams and success. Barbie shows that everyone can achieve success and fulfill their dreams by becoming an astronaut, singer or doctor just like her. You just have to believe in it and work hard. There will still be enough time for work, so let's start with pleasure.

Point 1 , which is the absolute basis, is GO TO THE PREMIERE OF BARBIE ON JULY 21!
Point 2 , let's move to Barbieland for a moment
Point 3: enjoy, play, laugh - Barbie is the most important thing

all a symbol of great fun!

Turning your home or garden into a Barbie doll's kingdom is very easy. We need pink and glitter decorations that will turn the arranged space into a fabulous Barbieland. When creating a decoration, we can use:

  • Balloons in pink shades
  • Garlands and ribbons in pink colors
  • Pink napkins, plates and cutlery
  • Pink paper straws
  • Big "Barbie" or "Barbieland" signs

  • A pink table with cute decorations cannot be missing at a Barbie-style party. Choose pink tablecloths, napkins and plates, as well as decorative candles and vases with flowers. It is also worth taking care of creative names of the dishes, for example "Barbie Burgers" or "Glamor Cupcakes". The party menu must also include pink snacks, such as pink popcorns, pink candies, pink muffins and pink ice cream.

    A Barbie-style party is a time of great fun, so it's worth enriching it with unique games. You can, for example, organize:

  • Fashion show - ask your guests to prepare their most fashionable outfits and organize a Barbie fashion show. You can even prepare a small catwalk and reward the most creative styles.
  • Nail painting - prepare a table with pink nail polishes and invite guests to paint their nails in different shades of pink.
  • Barbie-style games - organize various games, such as doing a puzzle with Barbie, a treasure hunt in the pink garden or a dance competition.

  • Come on BARBIE, let's go party!

    The premiere of the Barbie movie is the best opportunity for a party in the style of the title character. Experience unforgettable moments in Barbie's pink kingdom, with beautiful decorations, delicious food and a variety of activities. You will quickly see that this event will be phenomenal fun not only for the youngest.


    Bilet do kina już kupiony, ale po sensie może skorzystam z waszych rad może być ciekawie spędzić tak ten dzień :)

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    Bardzo jestem ciekawa tą rolą Goslinga. Na pewno zobaczę!


    Wspaniały pomysł, na pewno zorganizuje taką imprezę krok po kroku! Widzimy się na premierze!

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