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How to take care of the planet? Learn simple ways!

Jak dbać o planetę? Poznaj proste sposoby!

Adrian Koźlik |

We dream of longevity, but can we imagine being 4.5 billion years old and having a dubious prospect of surviving any more? Longevity is nice, but not that great. Over time, we lose strength and attract numerous diseases, let alone the only inhabited planet in the solar system, which we constantly expose to painful tests.

On April 22, we celebrate World Earth Day , and our favorite planet celebrates another birthday! Let's wish her health, billions of years to come, and let's remember to take care of her not only on holidays.

A painful diagnosis for Earth Day

Since we were children, we have celebrated Earth Day every year by making colorful posters and collecting garbage. In adult life, awareness of the condition and overall health of our planet plays a key role.

Earth's diseases resulting from environmental pollution are divided into:

  • air pollution resulting from the presence of substances in the atmosphere leading to harmful consequences for the health or well-being of people and other living organisms and inanimate objects.</li
  • water pollution leading to changes in chemical, biological and physical characteristics that prevent the use of water for drinking or economic purposes.
  • soil contamination leading to problems related to its normal use.
  • Noise pollution caused by high noise emissions typical of urban environments.
  • light pollution caused by nuisance light emissions that make life difficult for living organisms.
  • landscape pollution consisting in reducing the aesthetic values ​​of the surroundings due to human interference.
  • radioactive contamination caused by strong radiation, usually as a result of the failure of nuclear devices or the explosion of an atomic bomb.

dzień ziemi The most common symptoms of Earth diseases are:

  • global warming, i.e. a gradual increase in the average global temperature caused by large amounts of greenhouse gases such as ozone, freon or carbon dioxide.
  • The ozone hole is a loss in the ozone layer that protects against harmful UV radiation, caused by the emission of freons and nitrogen oxides.
  • ground-level ozone, the so-called bad ozone found in the lowest layer of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • smog caused by the emission of dust and exhaust gases into the atmosphere. It may result in acid rain.
  • Acid rain caused by emissions of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere combined with water create strong acid rain.
  • noise caused by means of transport, loud devices, as well as human behavior leading to the constant emission of sounds.
  • odors, i.e. all undesirable odors that stimulate olfactory receptors.

We are all sick, let's get treated!

Every disease that chronically affects our planet leads to disease for all of us!

Among them we distinguish:

  • respiratory system diseases
  • cardiovascular disease
  • allergies
  • problem with memory and concentration
  • reduced immunity
  • anatomical changes of the brain
  • depression and anxiety
  • premature deaths

If we do not effectively take care of the health of the planet we inhabit, it will be increasingly difficult for us to take care of our own, and our daily lives will be filled with internal changes listed above, as well as external changes such as droughts, hurricanes, heatwaves and floods.

World Earth Day, which is also the day of water and ecology, is the perfect time to start an exciting ecological adventure!

Recipe for Earth Day (and every subsequent day)

We have prepared for you several ecological solutions that allow you to extend and improve the life of the Earth. Remember to use them every day, not just on Earth Day .

Eco recommendations for Earth Day :

  • Segregate rubbish.
  • Introduce the zero waste principle into your life.
  • Use reusable products, such as cotton bags .
  • Control your energy consumption.
  • Save water.
  • Hop on a bike or use public transport more often.
  • Reduce, or preferably eliminate, the use of plastic bags and choose paper bags instead.
  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  • Use renewable energy sources.
  • Choose products that are recycled or recycled.
  • Choose ECO!

The health of all of us depends on you and the small gestures that help make the World Earth Day we celebrate healthier.

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