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How to decorate gift bags?

Jak ozdobić torebki na prezenty?

Adrian Koźlik |

Did you know that... one of the basic superstitions related to weddings in our country is the ban on giving knives and clocks? The knives given to the young couple would cut their marital bonds, and the clock would count down the time until their separation.

There are plenty of traditions and superstitions related to weddings in our country. Giving gifts in beautifully decorated gift bags plays an important role among them. Wedding guests give perfectly wrapped gifts to the newlyweds. The spouses would like to thank their parents for their upbringing and care so far, as well as the invited guests for their numerous attendance.

Paper gift bag paradise

The month in which the wedding takes place should have the letter "r" in its name, guaranteeing a long and happy married life. May does not contain this letter, but May Day and the increasingly longer May evenings mean that the high wedding season begins in May, together with First Communions.

The high wedding season lasts from May to September and that's when we need to be prepared for a greater dose of creativity. In the case of wedding gifts given to the newlyweds, the packaging plays a huge role - it is the first thing the recipients will see, long before unpacking the gift. An originally decorated paper gift bag will make a very good first impression in their memory.

Paper gift bags for newlyweds

Paper gift bags during weddings mainly go to the newlyweds. When expressing wishes, we also usually give them small gifts to emphasize their uniqueness on this special day.

torebki-na-prezenty The most popular gifts for the bride and groom:

  • money
  • flowers
  • alcohol
  • tableware
  • cutlery
  • bedding sets
  • set of pots
  • vouchers
  • electronics and household appliances

Gifts given to newlyweds, to some extent, reflect our attitude towards them, which is why it is worth planning everything meticulously, leaving nothing to chance. Regardless of whether we choose a paper gift bag or an envelope filled with money, it is worth decorating our packaging. For this purpose, we can be inspired by the invitation we received and transfer its style to the packaging of the gift we give.

Thanks to parents and invited guests

We can divide each wedding into several most important stages that have a special place at almost every event of this type. One of them is touching thanks to parents, which are usually accompanied by presentations, films, emotional speeches and, of course, gift bags!

This time, it is the young people who have to prove themselves by giving gifts to the honored guests, who are undoubtedly their parents. When creating gift baskets or choosing various types of sets, it is also worth taking care of their style and ensuring that their packaging fits into the well-known whole.

In the case of small gifts for all invited guests, they are often waiting for us at the entrance, at the table we occupy. Another option is for the newlyweds to give them to them when they say goodbye to once again emphasize their joy at our arrival. Creating these small gift bags is not obligatory, but it is a nice addition that organizers use more and more often.

Decorating paper gift bags

Regardless of the nature of the gift and who it is intended for, paper gift bags give us many possibilities and it is very easy to adapt them to the planned celebration.

We can decorate paper gift bags:

  • live or dried plants
  • jute strings
  • ribbons
  • paintings
  • origami
  • stickers
  • colored sheets of paper
  • glitter
  • feathers
  • beads

Regardless of what you decide to decorate the paper gift bag with, remember to do it aesthetically, because it will be your showcase, which the organizers and invited guests will certainly pay attention to.

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