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How to prepare your garden for autumn? Check it out!

jak przygotować ogród na jesień

Adrian Koźlik |

Autumn is a magical time, full of golden colors and pleasant coolness. This is also the period when it is worth taking care of your garden to prepare it for the upcoming winter. In this article, we have prepared a practical guide for you, from which you will learn how to properly prepare your plants, lawn and garden tools for autumn and the upcoming winter .

Take care of your plants before autumn arrives

garden in autumn Seasonal changes require appropriate preparations. This applies not only to our wardrobes, but also to our favorite plants and flowers living in our garden. To properly prepare for autumn and the upcoming winter, we should take care of securing our garden in advance and perform basic gardening works, which include:

  • Pruning and care - Fall is the perfect time to prune your plants. Regular pruning will help keep your plants in shape and stimulate their growth. Prepare for pruning with professionalgarden shears or loppers . Choose tools that suit your needs and ensure precise cutting. Pruning can also be an opportunity to remove weeds and dead branches. Make sure you use appropriate garden gloves to effectively protect your hands while working.
  • Fertilization - Autumn is also the time for fertilization. Choosing the right plant fertilizer and protective gloves is crucial to ensuring the success of this operation. Autumn fertilization will help strengthen plant roots and prepare them for the coming winter. Remember that some plants, such as heather or conifers, have special fertilizer requirements. Consult your local gardener or read the instructions on the fertilizer package to learn how to best care for your plants.
  • Collecting leaves - In autumn, leaves fall from trees and cover lawns. To maintain the aesthetic appearance of your garden, regularly collect fallen leaves. You can use garden rake gloves to quickly and conveniently collect leaves from your lawn.
  • garden in autumn Lawn aeration - To ensure proper ventilation of the grass roots, it is worth aerating the lawn. This can be done using a scarifier, which will remove accumulated moss and weeds and improve the flow of air and water in the soil.
  • Protection against winter - To protect your plants against winter frosts, it is worth using various protection methods. You can cover the plants with special agrotextiles that will protect them from cold and frost. Make sure that the agrotextile is well attached so that it does not move due to the wind.
  • Prepare your garden furniture - It is also worth taking care of your garden furniture. If you have wooden furniture, you can apply special oil or varnish to it to protect it from moisture and frost. If you have plastic furniture, it is worth cleaning it and storing it in a dry place. This is another activity for which it is worth using appropriate garden gloves , which will help us protect our hands against unwanted splinters or simply avoid unnecessary dirt.
  • Ventilate the composter - In autumn, it is worth ventilating the composter. Remove excess moisture and stir the compost to ensure proper decomposition of organic waste. Prepare the composter for the winter so that in spring you can use mature compost to fertilize your plants.
  • The garden is ready for winter

    Preparing your garden for fall is an important step that will ensure a beautiful and healthy garden not only in the fall and winter season, but also next year. Remember to prune your plants, fertilize your lawn and protect yourself against winter. Use appropriate tools, such as garden gloves and pruners , to make the job easier. Thanks to these simple actions, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden all year round!

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