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How to make table cards for an 18th birthday party yourself? Step by step instructions

Jak samemu zrobić winietki na stół na 18- stkę? Instrukcja krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

What is a vignette?

Simply put, it is a business card that we place on the table. Most often, it contains the guest's name and surname. Thanks to this, event participants do not take a random seat at the table, chosen by the host. At larger receptions (for example, organized in premises), the vignettes are accompanied by a board with the table layout.

During special events, such as an eighteenth birthday party, we often face the challenge of meeting and integrating people who have not met before.

Organizing a place at the table with business cards allows you to seat guests with similar interests or passions next to each other and can help get the party going.

Advantages of vignettes:

  • No competition for a good seat at the table. Guests can focus on the birthday person and not on choosing a place among their friends.
  • The choice of place imposed in advance may also be a good opportunity to integrate guests who have not had a chance to get to know each other before.
  • Place cards are also useful for the guests themselves, who may not remember the names of all the people at the table. These types of business cards will be useful when addressing unknown guests.
  • Beautifully made and matching the style of the interior, vignettes can be a table decoration in themselves.
  • They can also be a souvenir for guests after a birthday party.

What materials can we make business cards from?

In fact, we can use anything to make vignettes. It is important to match the style of business cards to the main theme of the event (if there is one) or the decoration of the room. We can choose more elegant vignettes, rustic (when the party takes place in the garden) or funny and creative.

winietki na 18 The only limit is our imagination and artistic skills.

The materials needed to make it include:

  • Paper, i.e. all cardboard, cardboard - here we can entrust the production of cards to a printing house or create them ourselves using graphic programs that are available for free.
  • For a garden party, we can use natural materials such as leaves, flowers, pine cones or stones. Together with paper, they will create an intriguing table decoration.
  • Candies or other sweets that will be a sweet souvenir after the party. For this purpose, you will need some round pralines, into which you can stick business cards with the guests' names and surnames using a toothpick.
  • Another idea may be to use straws on which we can place vignettes using string or ribbon.
  • Fruits can also be helpful when creating vignettes . We can use whole or pieces, ready for guests to eat during the feast.
  • If we have origami skills, we can also fold the paper into any shape and arrange it next to our guests' decorations.

A guide to creating stand-alone vignettes:

  • First, decide what the theme of the party or the colors of the decorations will be. It is important to determine whether the party will be more elegant or casual.
  • Look for inspiration on websites like Pinterest or applications like Tiktok. Creators often post short videos showing exactly how to create this type of table decorations.
  • Find production materials at your home or get what you need in stores or online.
  • Involve event participants in making vignettes . The more people, the faster the execution time. This type of meeting can be a great introduction to the actual event.
  • Look for patterns or ready-made label patterns on the Internet. You can decorate the cardboard vignettes in your own way and use any of the previous decoration ideas.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment. You are only limited by your imagination.

Creating 18th birthday party cards is not difficult, and it can be an opportunity for great fun. For our guests, it is a great souvenir of our event.

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