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How to store goods effectively.-Pay attention to these 4 factors

Jak skutecznie magazynować towary.-Zwróć uwagę na te 4 czynniki

Adrian Koźlik |

Storage of goods is a very important topic for many companies. Correct storage affects the efficiency of logistics in the company. To do it correctly, we should have knowledge of occupational health and safety regulations, knowledge of the use of logistics tools, and how to ensure the efficiency of warehouse work. Employees should have forklift licenses, this makes it easier to move goods from one place to another and know methods of sorting and organizing goods.

What is the storage of goods? 4 elements worth paying attention to

Storing goods in warehouses involves storing goods in special conditions in a special way. On racks, pallets, shelves, in boxes, taking into account e.g. temperature requirements. The priority for arranging goods in the warehouse should be the date of shipment to the customer. Goods stored in this way provide employees with the best access to the stored materials. It is important that employees have easy access, without having to move most of the goods, search for them and waste time. Only the efficient operation of this process allows you to achieve a satisfactory effect and derive profits from your business.

Warehousing logistics

To make warehouse logistics effective, smooth and hassle-free, you need to choose the right storage and distribution technique . Another important element is employee training and ensuring qualified staff, as well as compliance with occupational health and safety rules and regulations. Let's make sure that the goods are properly arranged and marked so that you can quickly find the goods you need. Appropriate equipment will improve the quality and speed of work. Record incoming and outgoing loads and plan for timely delivery of loads.

Make sure your warehouse is properly equipped

Appropriate equipment is the most important element of effective storage , durable metal tables with a strong structure. Tables, but also shelves, stands, hangers, depending on the type of goods stored, they are often heavy and packed in large quantities into cardboard boxes. When placing such a cardboard box on a table or shelf, we must be sure that it is durable. Forklifts, lifts, overhead cranes, cranes and cranes must be part of the warehouse's equipment to transport heavy goods, pallets and cartons. Packing stations make the warehouseman's work easier and should be equipped with fillers, cartons, foil wraps, tapes, knives, and stretch foil. An appropriate ventilation, air conditioning and lighting system is important for optimal storage and working conditions in the warehouse. In addition to the things mentioned above, the warehouse should also include safety measures, storage accessories and hygiene products.

Choose the appropriate method of releasing the goods

FEFO (First Expired, First Out) Goods with the shortest expiration date go out first. This technique is used in storing food, medicines, cleaning products, cosmetics and other products with a specific shelf life.

LIFO (Last In, First Out) The principle of "last in, first out" means that goods placed last in the warehouse are released first. It is primarily used for goods without an expiration date. It is a convenient solution in places where double-deep shelves are used.

FIFO (First In, First Out) "first in, first out" - goods placed in the warehouse first are also picked first. This method is used in most warehouses because it allows you to maintain order and smooth circulation of goods. It is a very convenient solution in many cases, for example when using flow racks.

Types of shelves

Flow racks – you can place pallets and small products. They are built at a slight angle and have belts with rollers, which allows them to be moved by gravity to the other side of the shelf if necessary. It requires service corridors, loading and unloading areas, and service areas. The advantage is optimal use of space, time savings during reloading, and constant monitoring of the condition. It also has disadvantages: flow racks are quite expensive at the investment stage and they need to be stored in a specific way.


Shelves with a depth of one unit (single-deep) - shelf or pallet racks, with the depth of stacked pallets, crates, boxes. They consist of several tiered sections connected to form larger structures and placed back to back, much like books in a library. Access to each shelf is possible from the front, from the level of the working corridor. The shelf can be equipped with additional installations with drawers, markings and plugs. The advantage is certainly low investment cost, convenient use, ability to expand at any time, and convenient to use. The disadvantage may be the need to carefully plan the arrangement of the goods and mark them. regal przepływowy

Double-deep shelves Almost identical to the shelves described above, the only difference is the depth. It is much larger and allows for the storage of two units. The advantage is, of course, better use of space and the convenience of using the LIFO method. However, the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to access goods from the back.

regały double deep

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