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How to spend Women's Day 2024? Interesting ideas

Jak spędzić Dzień Kobiet 2024? Ciekawe pomysły

Magda Gwaj |

Women's Day , which we celebrate on March 8 , is not only a time to celebrate the achievements of women around the world, but also a reminder of the work that still lies ahead in terms of gender equality. The history of this special day dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and is closely related to the movements for workers' rights and women's voting rights, with the first celebrations in 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany.

The indisputable role of women

women's day 2024 Nowadays, although women have made a mark in the history of medicine, science, literature, politics, civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights and labor rights, they still constitute 70% of the 1.3 billion people living in poverty in the world. Women's Day is an excellent opportunity to support organizations fighting for gender equality and women's rights, as well as to look at how companies implement their commitments to women's rights.

Women's Day is also a reminder that progress does not happen by accident. We must remember that the fight for equal rights is a process that requires constant work and commitment. In the past, the day has been used to promote important issues such as women's right to vote, equal pay, equal access to economic opportunities, equal rights, reproductive rights, subsidized child care and the prevention of violence against women. Today, although the holiday may be commercialized in some Western countries, it is still celebrated in over 100 countries, often with the participation of the United Nations and governments who use the occasion to highlight specific women's rights issues or campaigns.

Let us remember that Women's Day is not only an opportunity to celebrate, but also a moment for reflection and action. Let the history of Women's Day be an inspiration to work every day for equality and justice for all women.

The origins of Women's Day and customs related to it

The first National Women's Day was organized in the United States in 1909, after a strike by 15,000 garment workers in Lower Manhattan. This event was a response to difficult working conditions and was an important step towards improving women's rights in the workplace.

In 1910, Clara Zetkin proposed an annual celebration of International Women's Day , which met with unanimous acceptance. Just a year later, in 1911, the first celebrations of this day took place in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland, during which they demanded rights for women and access to professional training.

The date of International Women's Day was later moved to March 8, probably in connection with the protest of women working in the clothing and textile industry in New York in 1857. In 1917, Russian women celebrated the first International Women's Day on February 23 (March 8 according to the Western calendar), which had a significant impact on the Russian Revolution and granting women the right to vote (Source).

Today, International Women's Day is celebrated in over 100 countries, including the United States, and is an official holiday in over 25 countries. The day is an opportunity to protest, call for radical change and celebrate womanhood, with the aim of raising awareness of women's equality and inspiring women around the world.

Ideas for spending Women's Day 2024

women's day 2024 As you celebrate Women's Day 2024 with the theme "#InspireInclusion " , you can take part in a variety of activities that highlight women's rights, equality and achievements. Here are some ideas you can use to celebrate this special day:

  • Invite inspiring speakers: Consider inviting motivational speakers such as successful female entrepreneurs, pioneering scientists, and gender equality advocates to inspire your team. Listening to their stories and experiences can be a powerful source of inspiration.
  • Online panel: Take part in online panels where women share their experiences, knowledge and expert advice. Such events can be an invaluable source of knowledge and motivation, as well as an opportunity for networking.
  • Morning Coffee Meetings: Host or participate in virtual morning coffee meetings to honor female employees and share experiences about inspiring women. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the contribution of women in various areas of life.
  • Use free resources: Use the free resources available on the IWD website to help you plan events, find ideas and run social media campaigns.
  • Support for businesses run by women: On this day, it is especially worth supporting women-owned businesses by making purchases from them or using their services.

Remember to influence and inspire each other by wearing purple as a sign of solidarity with the spirit of Women's Day. Let this day be a reminder of the power of joint action and mutual support.

Equality and appreciation

As we approach the end of our Women's Day celebrations, it is worth emphasizing how crucial it is to continue to strive for gender equality. By recalling the most important ideas to celebrate this day, we remind you of the importance of mutual support and appreciating the contribution of women in all aspects of social, professional and private life.

Women's Day is a reminder that each of us can contribute to a better future where equality is the foundation of social progress. Let the inspirations and actions taken on this day become a spark for changes that we will implement throughout the year, remembering the constant need to strive for true equality.

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