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How to arrange an office? Interesting offers for employees and customers

Jak urządzić biuro? Ciekawe propozycje dla pracowników i klientów

Tomasz Woźniak |

Office space plays a key role in the everyday lives of employees. It not only affects their productivity and well-being, but also reflects the culture and values ​​of a given organization. Therefore, it is worth spending time to create a functional and inspiring work environment that will attract new talents and provide comfort to current employees. In this article, we will present how to arrange an office so that the company is an ideal place for everyone.

How to arrange an office? Space planning

Optimal organization of office space is important to increase work efficiency and improve employee comfort. The first step is to assess the company's spatial and functional needs, taking into account the number of employees, the nature of the work performed and the requirements for meetings and cooperation. Open offices are conducive to cooperation and communication, but they can be problematic due to noise and distraction. The solution is mixed spaces that combine open workspaces with closed rooms for concentration or meetings. Classic layouts with separate offices may be preferred in industries where privacy and concentration are important.

Another key aspect is the well-thought-out arrangement of workstations and common areas. It is important to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, taking into account natural lighting, easy access to office equipment and a relaxation area. Adapting the space to the specific needs of the company allows you to create a work environment that not only increases productivity, but also supports the well-being and health of employees.

Comfort and ergonomics of work in the office

Ergonomics in the office is crucial for the health, well-being and efficiency of employees. An important element of ergonomics is the appropriate selection of office furniture. Office chairs should be equipped with adjustments that provide support for the spine and allow adjustment to the individual needs of each user. Desks, preferably height-adjustable, allow you to change your position from sitting to standing, which is recommended for spine health and overall fitness.

Lighting is another important factor. Avoid glare, direct light, preferring instead diffused, natural light, which reduces eye strain and improves overall mood. In the case of offices without access to natural light, it is necessary to use artificial lighting appropriately. Thermal comfort also cannot be neglected. Appropriate temperature and air humidity have a direct impact on concentration and work comfort. Ventilation systems should be regularly maintained to ensure fresh and clean indoor air.


Furniture for the conference room

If your office holds meetings with clients or training for employees, it is worth adapting one of the rooms into a conference room. Equipping it will not pose any difficulties for you. Place a conference table in the center, surrounded by chairs - not necessarily ergonomic if the meetings are not long-lasting. Ordinary chairs with backrests will be sufficient. Mount a projector screen on one of the walls and place the projector in front of it, allowing you to conduct training and meetings with multimedia presentation support. It is also worth installing an office board in the conference room.

Relaxation zone with deckchairs and poufs - the perfect place to relax

The relaxation zone in the office is a real paradise of peace and relaxation. Equipped with elegant wooden deckchairs , it creates ideal conditions for relaxation. These loungers not only provide comfort and support for the spine, but also add a cozy charm to the entire space. Next to them, comfortable beanbags will be perfect, as they provide unrivaled comfort and freedom in choosing a relaxation position. This is a place where every employee can break away from routine for a moment office, immerse yourself in your favorite book or simply relax in the company of colleagues. The atmosphere of the relaxation zone is conducive not only to regeneration, but also to team integration and creating a more effective working atmosphere throughout the office.

Additional office equipment

In addition to the above-mentioned elements, important additions to every office equipment include:

  • Ergonomic footrest - ensuring correct posture and improving blood circulation during long-term sitting.
  • Monitor stand - allows you to place the computer screen at the appropriate height, which eliminates the need to constantly lean over the monitor.
  • Monitor holder - adjustable holder that allows you to adjust the screen position both in terms of height and horizontal position, which increases the comfort of office work.
  • Under-desk cabinets - used to store documents, private items, office accessories or even lunch, providing each employee with a personal storage space.

Each of these elements not only increases the functionality of the workplace, but also supports the health and comfort of employees, which is crucial for office efficiency.

What decorations to choose for the office?

The choice of decoration for the office should create a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. Starting with vegetation, it is worth choosing species that not only add greenery and freshness, but are also easy to care for and improve air quality, such as zamiokulkas or sansevieria. Wall graphics or paintings can add depth and character to a space, but it is crucial that they are in good taste and reflect the company's values. Cork or magnetic boards, in addition to their practical function, can become dynamic a decorative element where employees can express creativity and share inspiration.

Decorative lighting, such as elegant table lamps or atmospheric hanging lamps, can significantly change the atmosphere and add warmth. Additionally, decorative elements such as stylish wall clocks, elegant vases or artistic sculptures can emphasize the aesthetics of the space. It is important that office decorations are well selected and not overdone so as not to disturb the harmony and functionality of the workplace. Carefully selected decoration can significantly contribute to creating a unique and motivating work environment.


To sum up, arranging a functional and aesthetic office is an investment that brings tangible benefits to the company. Satisfied employees who can perform their work in comfortable conditions are more motivated, effective and loyal to the employer. In turn, an attractive office space is also a company's showcase, which can have a positive impact on the perception of the brand by customers and partners. Therefore, it is worth spending time and resources to create an office that will meet the expectations of both employees and external stakeholders.

An important aspect of office arrangement is also creating a space for relaxation and rest for employees. Separating a special zone where you can rest for a while is crucial to maintaining high productivity and team engagement. It may be, for example, a corner with comfortable bean bags or wooden deckchairs where employees can relax during a break.

Equally important is ensuring the proper equipment of the kitchen or kitchenette. More and more employees value the ability to prepare and eat a meal in comfortable conditions, without having to leave the office. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the kitchen is equipped with the necessary appliances, such as a coffee machine, microwave or refrigerator. Additionally, providing a place to eat meals together, for example in the form of a table with chairs, promotes team integration and building positive relationships.

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