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How to use the potential of satin ribbons? Explore interesting ideas

Jak wykorzystać potencjał wstążek satynowych? Poznaj interesujące pomysły

Adrian Koźlik |

Did you know… In the 16th century, ribbons were so associated with luxury that the English Parliament tried to pass a law saying that only the nobility could wear ribbons . Satin ribbons are so popular for a reason, as you can see, people have always been attracted to rich, smooth fabrics. For this reason, ribbons are among the oldest functional and decorative textiles. Europe is still the epicenter of luxury ribbon production, and the most desirable type is double-sided woven satin ribbon . It is distinguished by its softness, the fact that it is shiny on both sides and has a traditional woven edge.

Satin ribbons and their endless possibilities.

The irresistible charm of satin ribbons has inspired many generations over the years. Thanks to this, ribbons are still used today to create amazing decorations, jewelry and even clothing.

    • Flowers made of satin ribbon.

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any room, use satin ribbons to decorate your interior for longer

    • Satin ribbon bracelet

Create an original addition to your outfit. You will need: beads, needle and thread, scissors and a satin ribbon in your favorite color.

  • Step 1. Cut a 20 cm piece of satin ribbon and tie a knot at one end.
  • Step 2. Thread the needle and insert it into the ribbon.
  • Step 3. Fold the ribbon , then attach a bead to it and thread the needle through it.
  • Step 4. Repeat this operation, inserting the bead with the folded satin ribbon , until the desired length of the bracelet is obtained.
  • Step 5. The bracelet is ready!
  • Satin hair bands

Take care of your hair and sew an elastic band from a satin ribbon . Thanks to the delicacy of the material, they do not leave any creases and take care of the hair structure, giving the hair a satin shine.

  • Suit bow tie made of satin ribbon

Accentuate your suit and enrich your styling with this small but elegant accent made yourself from a satin ribbon.

  • Step 1. Cut an 18 cm piece of satin ribbon.
  • Step 2. Burn the ends with a lighter.
  • Step 3. Use hot glue to glue the two ends of the ribbon together in the middle.
  • Step 4. Fold and glue the two horizontal edges together.
  • Step 5. Cut a 6 cm piece of satin ribbon, then glue it and wrap it around the middle of the bow tie.
  • Step 6. Add a ribbon with a length corresponding to the neck circumference. And that's it!

Satin ribbons for everyday use!

wstazki satynowe We see satin ribbons every day and often do not even pay attention to them.

  • Entertainment

Festivals and events are amazing events that, in some cases, we would like to remember forever. However, apart from the unforgettable impressions we experience there, we often also take with us a satin ribbon with the original aesthetics of the festival as a souvenir.

  • Sport

While watching the Olympics, we can also see satin ribbons. Ribbon dancing is an Olympic discipline during which the dancer presents to the jury a carefully choreographed dance with a winding ribbon to appropriate music. However, it is not the only sports discipline in which we can encounter satin ribbons . Flot, because this is the name of a decorative satin ribbon resembling a cotillion. , given during equestrian competitions.

  • Fashion

Satin ribbons have long been an inspiration for many stylists and designers. The Chanel spring collection from 2010 is still a great success. Crochet bags made of satin ribbon and entire styling sets made in this original way revolutionized the fashion market.

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