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How to order a DPD courier? Step by step instructions

Jak zamówić kuriera DPD? Instrukcja krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

In the era of widespread availability of the Internet, online shopping has become extremely popular. This is definitely a more convenient way than traditional shopping in large shopping centers.

Couriers who deliver parcels to our doors every day turn out to be irreplaceable. They make sure that each shipment reaches its owner. Every day they travel hundreds of kilometers, safely transporting parcels.

One such company that offers courier services is DPD . In today's article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions that will show you how to easily and quickly order a DPD courier.

What is a DPD courier?

DPD is a courier network operating in Europe that offers its services on an international scale. It is one of the leading companies providing courier parcels. They operate in Poland and abroad. In Poland, DPD is one of the most famous courier companies that offers all types of shipments, both standard and more special ones.

How to order a DPD courier? Step by step instructions

We have prepared detailed instructions that will easily guide you through the entire process of ordering a DPD courier .

Step 1. Preparing the shipment

The first step should definitely be to prepare your package. Remember to pack your parcel safely. You can use foil wraps or regular cardboard boxes for this purpose. A well-packed shipment is resistant to shocks and damage. It is worth using a good filling, e.g. wrapping paper . If you are sending very delicate items, do not forget about the special marking on the package so that the courier knows that the shipment should be handled in a special way.

Step 2. Selecting the right service

The DPD courier company offers various services, so think about what you expect. You can choose standard delivery or express delivery. You can also influence the delivery time. DPD also offers parcel collection at appropriate points. The test is a very convenient option.

kurier dpd Step 3. Contact DPD

It's time to contact the DPD courier company. You can do this by phone or using the contact form available on their website. You will need to provide all details about the shipment such as its size, weight, origin and destination. If you want to provide the courier with any specific information, please remember that at this stage as well.

Step 4. Arrange pickup

If you have agreed all the details with the DPD courier company, it's time to determine the place and time of collecting your parcel. DPD will organize a courier who will arrive at the indicated location at the agreed time to collect your parcel. Please make sure someone is present at the pickup location to hand the parcel to the courier.

Step 5. Track your shipment

DPD allows you to track the route of your shipment, thanks to which you can constantly monitor the location of the parcel. As soon as the courier collects your parcel, you will receive a unique tracking code that you can enter on their website or app. Thanks to it, you can always be informed about the status of your shipment.

Step 6. Parcel delivery

When the courier collects your parcel, the entire delivery process begins. The DPD courier will deliver your parcel to the indicated destination according to the service you have selected. At this point you can also arrange a convenient delivery time to ensure that someone will be present for pickup.

Step 7. Delivery confirmation

When the courier delivers the parcel to the indicated address, he will need a signature proving that the parcel has been handed over to the recipient. It is also worth checking the contents of the parcel before signing.

Step 8. Delivery evaluation

Once you have completed the entire delivery process, you can rate the service on the DPD website or app. Customer feedback allows the company to constantly improve its services.

As you can see, ordering a DPD courier is really easy, simple and pleasant! The most important thing is to secure your parcel well and choose the right service.

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