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How to organize a camping trip? Tips for beginners

Jak zorganizować biwak? Podpowiedzi dla początkujących

Adrian Koźlik |

The holiday season awakens our appetite for all kinds of activities and activities. This is a special time that we look forward to all year round. This is a time of dream trips and blissful relaxation. Let us remember that the latter can also be practiced in an active form, which is recommended by many experts. One of the numerous types of active recreation is camping. The hustle and bustle of big cities, constant stress, lack of time... These ailments seem to be a sign of our times. Rest in the bosom of nature can give us relief, effectively taking us away from gray everyday life. Camping , especially in the wild, can be really great fun and a unique experience. What should we remember to ensure that our dream campsite does not turn out to be a failure? What accessories and camping equipment do we need to have with us? You will find answers to these questions, among others, in our beginner's guide.

How to plan a camping trip for beginners?

The thought of the first camping trip can ignite the imagination of every adventure enthusiast. Nevertheless, it is worth approaching the entire undertaking with a cool head and thinking it through appropriately. The most important thing is to choose a place to camp. It is worth knowing that recently, each forest district has designated branches where you can organize your camping without any worries. Start by finding a convenient area that you can easily reach. Remember to be aware of your strengths and not overestimate your capabilities.

Once in the field, take a moment to choose a suitable place to set up camp. It is best for it to be sheltered from the wind and located on solid ground. Raise your head, making sure that no dry branches fall on you during the night. Another thing is to think about the entire trip in terms of the time you have. It is worth diversifying your camping experience by planning additional attractions, such as climbing a peak or swimming in a lake. Also remember to let your loved ones know where you are going and when you plan to return. Safety first.

What do you need to take with you when going camping?

When going camping, we often think of a lot of things that we should take with us. But are all of them really useful in the field? Or maybe there are some that you wouldn't think about, but could make your life much easier? When collecting your camping equipment, be sure to take with you :

Biwak rady dla początkujących

  • Tent - This is an absolute necessity. It will provide us with shelter from rain and unfavorable weather conditions. Remember to choose one that will accommodate your entire team.
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad - Both of these items are mandatory and will ensure comfort during sleep. Without a good night's sleep, there is no point in planning further adventures.
  • A flashlight, a map and a compass - A source of light in a dark forest is not only extremely refreshing, but also allows you to move safely. In turn, a map with a compass will enable you to orient yourself in the field and reach your destination.
  • Basic bushcraft accessories - such as a penknife, hygiene products, cutlery, rope, cauldron, matches, lighter. With them, lighting a fire, preparing a meal or repairing a tent will not be difficult for you.
  • A first aid kit and a water filter - because when camping in the wild, you have to be ready for anything. A water filter will allow you to drink from your local stream or lake without much worry.
  • Provisions - The right dose of energy from a nutritious meal can work wonders. Please remember that food must be dry and tightly packed. Products such as canned food, nuts and freeze-dried products will work well.
  • Charged electronics - Before leaving, it is worth remembering to charge your phone and navigation and properly manage the battery. The possibility of contact with the world will certainly provide us with mental comfort.
  • A change of clothes and decent footwear - If you get wet, it's worth having something to change, and comfortable outdoor shoes are invaluable.

Take care of the environment with ecological packaging

When going out into nature, we should show it due respect. After the camp, be sure to clean up after yourself and leave the area as you found it . Also refrain from excessive interference and destruction of the environment. It is also worth considering taking ecological packaging with you, the impact of which on the environment is negligible. Paper plates and cups will certainly be useful during an outdoor meal. Being fully biodegradable, even if they accidentally fall out of your backpack, they will not harm nature. Eco-friendly forks and knives can also come in handy and help you keep your meal hygienic. It is worth focusing on being eco-friendly and giving up the ubiquitous plastic in favor of more environmentally friendly solutions. While communing with nature and enjoying its beauty, let us also take into account its goodness.

Biwak poradnik

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