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How to organize space in the garden? Check out our tips!

strefa relaksu w ogrodzie z krzesłem i książką na stoliku

Tomasz Woźniak |

Planning and organizing space in the garden is a key element in creating a beautiful and functional place to relax. Whether you have a large or small garden, there are many ways to make the most of the space available and create an oasis of peace and charm. In this article, we will present you with practical tips and ideas on how to organize your garden space to create the perfect place for rest and relaxation.

1. Space planning

1.1. Define your goals

Before you start organizing your garden space, it is important to define your goals and needs. Do you want to create a place to relax and unwind, or are you more interested in a space for barbecuing and meeting friends? Determining your goals will help you make decisions about the arrangement of your garden.

1.2. Measurement and analysis

Before you start organizing space in the garden, carefully measure the available area and perform an area analysis. Identify the best place to create a relaxation area, taking into account factors such as sun exposure, wind and privacy.

1.3. Functional zones

Divide your garden space into functional zones, such as a relaxation zone, a barbecue zone, and a games and fun zone for children. This will allow you to make better use of the available space and make it easier to move around the garden.

2. Relaxation zone

2.1. Selection of garden furniture

Choosing the right garden furniture is crucial to creating a comfortable relaxation zone. One popular choice is a wooden garden lounger . Wooden deckchairs are not only comfortable, but also add charm and natural beauty to the garden. You can also consider purchasing a garden pouffe or rocking chairs to create a cozy place to rest.

2.2. Accessories and decorations

To create a cozy atmosphere in the relaxation zone, it is worth adding a few accessories and decorations. You can put a small coffee table on which you can place flowers or candles. Adding pillows and throws to couches or poufs will provide additional comfort and add color to the space.

2.3. Lighting

Don't forget about lighting in the relaxation area. Well-chosen lighting creates a magical atmosphere and allows you to use the garden also in the evenings. You can install lanterns, garden lamps or solar lighting decorations that do not require a power connection.

3. Grilling area

3.1. Grill selection

If you dream of a barbecue area in your garden, it is worth investing in a high-quality grill. Choosing the right grill depends on your preferences - you can choose a charcoal, gas or electric grill. Remember to adjust the size of the grill to the available space in the garden.

3.2. Table and chairs

It is worth placing a table and chairs in the grilling area to provide a comfortable place to eat outdoors. Choose outdoor furniture that is weather-resistant, such as wood or metal.

3.3. Accessory storage

To keep the grilling area tidy, it is worth having a place to store grill accessories. You can install cabinets or shelves for barbecue utensils, coal or gas cylinders.

4. Games and entertainment zone

4.1. Playgrounds for children

If you have children, it is worth creating a place in the garden where they can play and spend time outdoors. You can install swings, slides, a trampoline or a sandbox. Make sure the play area is safe and age appropriate for children.

4.2. Gaming table

If you like to play board games or cards outdoors, it's worth putting up a game table. You can choose an outdoor table with appropriate dimensions and surface on which it will be comfortable to play.

4.3. Zen style garden

If you are looking for peace and relaxation, you can create a small Zen-style garden in your garden. Install a fountain, stones and plants with delicate shapes that will bring harmony and balance to the space.

5. Garden lighting

5.1. Solar lights

Garden lighting not only adds charm, but also ensures safety and comfort in moving around the garden after dark. Solar lights are an ideal solution because they do not require a power connection. You can place them along garden paths, on the terrace or next to plants.

5.2. Lanterns and candles

Lanterns and candles are other elements that can add a romantic atmosphere and create a magical atmosphere in the garden. You can hang lanterns on trees or gazebos, and place candles on tables or in lanterns.

5.3. Spotlights and wall lamps

If you want to emphasize the beauty of your garden, install spotlights or wall lamps. Direct the light towards important garden elements such as ornamental plants, fountains or sculptures. This will allow you to admire their charm also in the evenings.

6. Plants and flowers

6.1. Selection of plants

Choosing the right plants is important not only for the aesthetics of the garden, but also for functionality. Depending on your preferences, you can choose ornamental plants, herbs or vegetables. However, remember that not all plants will grow well in your garden - pay attention to the requirements for soil, light and humidity.

6.2. Cut flowers

Cut flowers are a beautiful addition to the garden, adding color and freshness. You can plant cut flowers in pots or in a garden flower bed to always have fresh bouquets to decorate your tables.

6.3. Flower beds and flower pots

Flower beds and flower pots are an ideal solution for people who have limited space in the garden. You can hang flower beds on the balcony or terrace, and place flower pots on the stairs or at the entrance to the garden.

7. Garden gazebo

7.1. Choosing a gazebo

If you dream of an additional place to relax in the garden, it is worth considering building a gazebo. Choose a gazebo of the right size and style that will match the character of your garden.

7.2. Gazebo equipment

The gazebo can be equipped with various elements that will ensure convenience and comfort. You can put a table and chairs in it to have a place to eat outdoors. Adding pillows and blankets to the garden furniture will make the gazebo even cozier.

7.3. Climbing plants

To make the gazebo even more beautiful, you can plant climbing plants such as ivy, vines or rose vines. Climbing plants will create a natural curtain and add charm to the gazebo.

8. Garden paving

8.1. Wooden surface

A wooden surface is a beautiful and natural solution for the garden. You can choose wooden boards or a terrace made of exotic wood. A wooden surface will add warmth and charm to the garden.

8.2. Stone slabs

If you prefer a more durable and weather-resistant solution, consider laying stones or slabs on your driveway, garden paths or terrace. Stone slabs are elegant and easy to keep clean.

8.3. Japanese style garden

If you are interested in a Japanese-style garden, you can decide to lay gravel or stones. This type of surface gives the garden a harmonious character and introduces elements of nature.

9. Fountains and ponds

9.1. Garden fountains

Garden fountains are a great way to add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your garden. You can install a fountain of various shapes and sizes that will add charm and the soothing sound of water.

9.2. Ponds and ponds

If you have a larger garden, you should consider creating a pond or pond. The pond can be a decoration of the garden and a place for aquatic plants and fish. However, do not forget about proper filtration and keeping the pond clean.

9.3. Water lighting

Water lighting is an additional element that will emphasize the beauty of a fountain or pond. You can install underwater lighting that will enliven the water at night and create a magical atmosphere.

10. Vegetable garden

10.1. Selection of vegetable plants

If you are interested in growing your own vegetables, it is worth creating a place in your garden for a vegetable garden. Choose the plants that grow best in your climate zone and adjust planting to growing periods.

10.2. Composting

Composting is key to maintaining a healthy vegetable garden. Create a composter where you will store organic waste and create natural fertilizers for plants.

10.3. Pest protection

To protect your plants from pests, it is worth using natural protection methods. You can plant flowers that repel pests, such as marigolds, or use natural insecticides, such as herbal solutions.

11. Romantic style garden

11.1. Climbing plants

A romantic style garden is characterized by an abundance of climbing plants that create green curtains and a romantic atmosphere. You can plant a rose vine, grapevine or ivy.

11.2. Cut flowers

Cut flowers are an inseparable element of a romantic style garden. Plant flowers with delicate blooms and intense scents, such as lavender, roses or peonies.

11.3. Terrazzo and pergolas

Terrazzo and pergolas are elements that will add a romantic character to your garden. You can lay terrazzo on paths or build a pergola where climbing plants will develop beautifully.

12. Taking care of the garden

12.1. Regular watering

Regular watering is crucial to maintaining a healthy garden. Keep the soil moist but not overly wet to avoid waterlogging the plants.

12.2. Fertilization

Regular fertilization is important to provide plants with the necessary nutrients. You can use natural fertilizers, such as compost, or artificial fertilizers available in gardening stores.

12.3. Pruning and care

Pruning your plants and maintaining your garden are key tasks that will help keep your plants tidy and healthy. Prune dead branches and remove weeds regularly to ensure healthy plant growth.

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