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How to make an Advent calendar for a child? Step by step instructions

kalendarz adwentowy

Adrian Koźlik |

Advent is a special time of waiting for Christmas, both for children and adults. One of the most popular elements of this period is the Advent calendar. Why is it worth making such a calendar for your child yourself? How to do it? What steps should you take? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

Why is it worth making an Advent calendar for a child?

advent Calendar The Advent calendar is not only a way to count down the days until Christmas, but also a great opportunity to spend creative and joyful moments with your child. Making an Advent calendar yourself offers many benefits:

  • Uniqueness and personalization : By creating the calendar yourself, you can adapt it to your child's preferences and interests. It will be a unique accent that will not only count down the days until Christmas, but will also be an expression of the child's personality and creativity.
  • Creativity and developing manual skills : Creating an Advent calendar is an excellent opportunity to develop your child's manual skills. You can paint, draw, cut, glue and decorate the calendar together. It's great fun that develops your child's artistic and manual skills.
  • Spending time together : Working on the Advent calendar is a great opportunity to spend time together with your child. Creating something together builds bond and gives you the opportunity to talk, collaborate and laugh. These are important and precious moments that will have a beautiful place in your family history.
  • Joy and anticipation : An Advent calendar is not only a way to count down the days, but also a source of joy and excitement for the child. Waiting for the next windows to open and discovering surprises is something that arouses extraordinary emotions in the child and builds the Christmas atmosphere.

How to make an Advent calendar for a child? Step by step instructions

Step 1: Choose a calendar format

The first step is to choose the form of the Advent calendar . You can choose a traditional calendar in the form of a card with 24 windows, but it is also worth considering other ideas. Here are some suggestions:

  • Box calendar : You can prepare 24 small boxes that will be numbered from 1 to 24. Each box can be filled with a surprise or a task for the child to complete.
  • Calendar in the form of bags: Another idea is to prepare 24 fabric or jute bags that you can hang on a string or branch. Place a surprise for your child in each bag .
  • Christmas tree calendar : You can also create an advent calendar in the form of a Christmas tree. For example, stick a large piece of cardboard in the shape of a Christmas tree on the wall and divide it into 24 segments. Each segment can be numbered and opened by the child every day of Advent.

Step 2: Make decorations and numbering

The next step is to make decorations and numbering for the Advent calendar . You can use a variety of materials and techniques such as:

  • Sheets of colored paper : Take out colored paper from the drawer and use it to number the calendar. You can also use colored markers to decorate the cards.
  • Ribbons and bows: Add charm to your Advent calendar by tying colorful ribbons, strings or bows to each box, bag or Christmas tree segment.
  • Colorful Christmas stickers : You can also use Christmas stickers to mark the numbers on the Advent calendar. This is a simple and effective way to decorate your calendar.

Step 3: Fill the calendar with surprises

advent Calendar Now it's time to fill the Advent calendar with surprises for your child. You can use different types of surprises, such as:

  • Chocolates and sweets: The classic surprise in the Advent calendar is a chocolate or sweet. You can place one small chocolate in each box, bag or segment of the Christmas tree.
  • Tasks and challenges: Instead of sweets, you can put tasks for your child to complete in the Advent calendar . These can be simple tasks such as drawing a Christmas tree, making a Christmas decoration or helping to prepare Christmas dinner.
  • Small gifts: If you want to surprise your child with bigger surprises, you can place small gifts such as colorful pens, small toys, creative crafting kits or favorite books.

Step 4: Open the windows and enjoy the wait for the holidays

Once your Advent calendar is ready, it's time to start counting down the days until Christmas. Each day of Advent, a child can open one window, box or bag. It is a magical moment that builds the Christmas atmosphere and arouses joy and excitement in the child. Enjoy the anticipation of the holidays and the joyful Advent time together.

Interesting waiting time

Creating an Advent calendar for your child is a great opportunity to spend time together, develop creativity and enjoy the anticipation of Christmas. A self-made calendar offers many benefits, such as uniqueness, personalization and developing the child's manual skills. Preparing an Advent calendar step by step is easier than it seems, and the effect will bring a lot of joy to both the child and the whole family.

Be creative, enjoy creating together and joyfully waiting for the holidays.

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