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How to make a wooden deckchair. Step by step instructions

Jak zrobić leżak drewniany. Instrukcja krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

Spring is fast approaching! The time will come when we will enjoy longer days and beautiful evenings outside. Every ray of sunlight will fill us with optimism.

It is worth preparing well for this season, because relaxing outdoors brings great relief and respite. The perfect "tool" that will help us relax is a wooden deckchair . In today's article, we will show you how to make a wooden garden deckchair yourself.

Why is it worth making a wooden deckchair?

leżak drewniany As soon as warmer days come, each of us will probably want to take advantage of the nice weather. It's worth having a place where we can breathe deeply. Arrange your own corner and make a wooden deckchair yourself.

You're probably wondering why you would make it with your own hands? It is very rewarding if you take the time to create the perfect place to rest.

It cannot be denied that many stores offer deckchairs made of plastic. This is very inconsistent with the idea of ​​resting in the bosom of nature. They are also not characterized by high strength and durability. That is why we have prepared a detailed instruction especially for you, which shows how to make a durable, comfortable and eye-pleasing wooden deckchair .

Materials needed to make a wooden deckchair

Before we move on to the step-by-step instructions, it is worth obtaining a few necessary materials to make a wooden deckchair .

To make a wooden garden lounger yourself, you will need:

  • jigsaws
  • screwdrivers
  • sandpaper
  • brush
  • impregnation
  • thick wooden slats
  • canvases

It is worth mentioning that you may have pieces of wood lying around in your garage that will be a great construction for your wooden deckchair . It is both economical and ecological!

Wooden deckchair - do it yourself!

Below we present detailed step-by-step instructions for making a comfortable wooden deckchair .

  • Step 1. Cut and sand.

Cut the wooden strips to the appropriate size and then sand them completely smooth using a jigsaw. Trace the shapes of the recesses (patterns can be found on the Internet) that are needed to adjust the inclination of the lounger, and then carefully cut them out. Now you need to drill holes for the mounting screws. Smooth all the edges of the strips with a grinder and sandpaper.

  • Step 2. Paint the wooden deckchair

The next step in our work is to paint the wood to protect it. Choose a colorless impregnation

  • Step 3. Create the seat and connect the structure

To sew a seat for a wooden deckchair, use a material that is thick, easy to clean and, above all, quick-drying. Sew the canvas using a sewing machine, making sure it is the right size. Try to stretch the prepared canvas onto the prepared strips, which are then connected using screws.

Ready! The dream of having a wooden deckchair has just come true!

However, if you do not have time to work on your own, CLICK HERE and find out where you can buy wooden deckchairs

How to protect a wooden garden lounger after the season?

leżak drewniany składany If you want to enjoy your self-made wooden deckchair for as long as possible, remember to protect it right after the spring and summer season.

It is important to take care of the wood. So when autumn comes, check them for any damage and try to tighten any screws. Clean the frame with water and, after drying, impregnate it again. You can also use ready-made covers for wooden deckchairs, which will protect the entire structure.

As for the sheet itself, it is worth removing it from the lounger after the season to prevent it from soaking in moisture. It should also be cleaned and preferably stored in a dark and dry place . If a wooden deckchair is protected, it should serve you for many years.

However, if you want to learn more about securing wooden deckchairs, click here

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