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How to make a soy candle? Step by step instructions

Jak zrobić świecę sojową? Instrukcja krok po kroku

Adrian Koźlik |

It cannot be denied that soy candles are increasingly used in interior decoration. They are not only extremely aesthetic, but also create an amazing atmosphere.

Thanks to them, the rooms gain shine and, on the other hand, they give them a cozy character. Let's not forget that they also have a pleasant aroma that enhances the feeling of relaxation.

A soy candle is undoubtedly an ecological and natural alternative to paraffin candles.

Interestingly, you can make soy candles at home completely yourself. You probably think it's difficult and time-consuming? Nothing could be further from the truth! We guarantee that it will not take you longer than 30 minutes. It is simple, quick and very pleasant.

In today's article you will learn how to make a soy candle yourself in the comfort of your home. Check out our step-by-step instructions!

Why choose a soy candle?

When it comes to scented candles, we have quite a large selection in stores. On the shelves you will find ordinary paraffin candles, as well as those made of natural waxes - soy or beeswax.

When it comes to paraffin candles, burning them can release harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene and toluene. Inhaling these substances for a long time may negatively affect your health.

Therefore, try to choose natural waxes. świeca sojowa they are ecological and natural and are increasingly chosen by people who care about the well-being of our planet. It is also worth mentioning that soy candles are 100% vegan !

How to make a soy candle?

To make a soy candle , you will need the right ingredients and utensils. Below is a list of necessary products:

  • soy wax
  • favorite essential oils
  • dyes
  • wooden or cotton wick
  • glass bowl/pot for melting soy wax
  • thermometer
  • glass jars
  • wooden stick

Sometimes stores offer entire kits for making soy candles to make our work easier.

Instructions for execution:

Step 1: Prepare your work space

choose a well-ventilated room and place all the necessary ingredients and tools on the counter, such as a saucepan, frying pan, measuring cup, thermometer and mixing utensils.

Step 2: Introductory phase

Place the soy wax in a pot and heat over low heat until it melts completely. Be careful not to overheat the wax, which may affect the quality of the candles.

Step 3: Prepare the wicks

While the wax is melting, prepare the wicks. Attach to the bottom of the container and then thread through the hole in the wick stick.

Step 4: Time for dyes

Add the dye to the melted wax and mix thoroughly. Remember that the more dye you add, the more intense the color of the candles will be.

Step 5: Time for essential oils

Add fragrance oils and mix again. Be careful not to add too much oil, as this may affect the properties of the wax and its proper burning.

Step 6: Time to wax

Pour the wax into the mold, being careful not to overflow and leaving enough room for the wick.

Step 7: Add-ons

If you want to add dried flowers, pour in a small amount of wax. Wait a while and then sprinkle (if you like) the dried product on the first layer of wax. Pour wax over the dried leaves. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the effect or until the space in the container is used up. We recommend doing this process at the very end (making one layer at the very top).

Step 8: Wait

Wait until the wax hardens and cut off the excess wick.

Step 9: Time to set

Leave the candle to completely set and cool, preferably for 24 hours.

Step 10: Deal with the wick

Cut the wick to the appropriate length (the wick should not protrude beyond the edges of the container).

Ready! Enjoy your handmade soy candle .

Now you know how to make a soy candle yourself! We hope that from now on you will decorate your interiors with beautiful and atmospheric candles.

How is soy wax made?

At the very beginning, it is worth noting that soy wax is 100% natural and obtained from soybeans.

The process of obtaining soy wax begins with separating the soybeans from the husks, after which the beans are ground into flour.</p

soy candle

Next, the soy flour is placed in a tank of water, where it is mixed and then separated from the liquid using a filtration process. This process leaves the water and dissolved proteins in the soy flour, and the soy wax is separated from the water by the evaporation process.

After this, the soy wax is refined and purified so that it is finally clean, odorless and light in color.

Of course, at the very end you can enrich it with dyes or essential oils.

Discover the benefits of soy candles!

Soy candles are, above all, a beautiful decoration, but not only that! Discover all the benefits of soy candles.

  • Completely natural - this is definitely their main advantage. Not only are they natural, meaning they do not harm our health, but they are also vegan, which means no animals were harmed in their production.
  • Safe for health - the main factor that makes people more and more willing to choose soy candles is the fact that they burn cleanly, without emitting harmful substances, such as toxic organic compounds or soot particles.
  • Long burning time - soy candles burn much longer than those made of paraffin, which means they are efficient and effective.
  • Better scent - it cannot be denied that soy candles emit scent better than paraffin candles, because soy wax comes from natural sources and is more absorbable than paraffin.
  • Hassle-free - if you accidentally spill a soy candle on a surface, it is very easy to clean it with water and ordinary soap.
  • Low melting point - soy wax melts at a low temperature (about 50°C), which makes it suitable for use during massage.
  • Wide selection - They are available in many different colors, shapes and sizes, which makes them more attractive to people looking for aesthetic interior decorations.

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