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How to make your own ecological packaging? We give you a hint!

Jak zrobić własne opakowania ekologiczne? Podpowiadamy!

Adrian Koźlik |

Paper packaging, or how to reduce plastic?

For several years now, we have been paying more and more attention to climate change in the environment. The impact of CO2 emissions, melting glaciers and visible global warming make us pay more and more attention to human actions against the planet. The once popular plastics generate heaps of garbage that lie in the oceans and seas, destroying the natural habitat of many living organisms.

According to research, 80% of marine litter is plastic waste.

Plastic is not biodegradable, and the only way to reduce its harmful impact on the environment is recycling. Despite this, in Poland it is estimated that only 40% of packaging is recycled.

An alternative is ecological packaging, mainly made of paper.

Advantages of ecological packaging:

  • huge impact on the environment - paper can be recycled multiple times, so it does not remain as waste,
  • durability - cardboard packaging is hard and does not crumple during parcel transport,
  • economy - this type of packaging is currently available at good prices, and in addition, we can always try to create it ourselves from old materials, which favors the zero waste philosophy,
  • they are widely available - we can buy this type of cardboard anywhere or use materials from moving houses or shopping in a store,
  • We can easily personalize cardboard packaging with stickers, drawings or company logos, which can be a great advertisement for our company.

What could such packaging be?

opakowania ekologiczne In fact, ecological packaging can be absolutely anything that we find in our home and that is suitable for reuse.

For this purpose we will use:

  • All cardboard packaging - we can use old boxes from shoes, electronics and household appliances, you can also often find this type of cardboard in supermarkets and local stores,
  • Paper envelopes in which we receive documents or letters,
  • Gift bags made of paper left over from anniversary events,
  • Old newspapers or cardboard waste, thanks to which we can fill the space in cardboard packaging,
  • Any strings (e.g. jute) and natural threads that are useful for tying parcels or packaging,
  • Rolls of kraft or decorative paper that can be used to wrap or decorate the package.

How to create your own cardboard packaging?

  • 1. The easiest solution is to create your own envelope . For this purpose, we can use a paper gift bag or a reinforced piece of cardboard. We need to fold it along the edge to create a pocket. Then we can use adhesive tape or good quality glue to protect the envelope from tearing.
  • 2. Using cardboard packaging is just as easy. We can reduce the selected box to the desired size using a knife.
  • 3. If the package is too large, we can use two and connect them with insulating tape and wrap the whole thing in paper, which you will definitely find in your drawer.
  • 4. We can cut old newspapers or other paper waste with scissors and place them in a cardboard box to prevent the products from moving.

When creating ecological packaging, it is worth using what we have at home. In this way, we will use paper that is already processed in the environment and it will be a wallet-friendly solution because we will not have to spend additional money on self-protection of the package.

Creating such ecological packaging can be a great hobby that uses our motor skills.

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