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What backpack should I take on a school trip? An overview of backpacks available on the market

Jaki plecak zabrać na wycieczkę szkolną? Przegląd plecaków dostępnych na rynku

Adrian Koźlik |

Spring is coming, and as a result, schools will start organizing various types of school trips to combine business with pleasure.

This is a great opportunity for creative outdoor activities. Children gain new energy and can take a break from their daily duties at school.

Every parent should thoroughly prepare their child for such a trip. The child should be equipped with all the necessary things (depending on the destination, of course). You definitely need to consider purchasing appropriate clothing, footwear and, above all, a backpack.

In today's article, we will go through all types of backpacks and consider whether a duffel bag will be the right choice. We invite you to read!

Where to go on a school trip?

There are many interesting places where you can go on a school trip, and the final choice depends on many factors, such as budget, purpose of the trip, students' preferences, etc.

Below are some of our suggestions for a school trip:

  • Museums : Visiting a museum can be an interesting experience for students, especially if it is a museum related to a topic that is being discussed in class. You can visit history museum, science museum, art museum etc.
  • Amusement parks : A trip to an amusement park is a great way for students to have fun and socialize. Remember to dress appropriately, as the roller coasters may surprise you! Choose a comfortable backpack bag to always have it with you.
  • Historic Sites : There are many places that are associated with important historical events. It is worth expanding students' historical knowledge firsthand.
  • Education Centers : Visiting an education center is a good way to gain knowledge about various fields such as science, technology and art.

plecak worek Who should organize a school trip?

When it comes to organizing a school trip, the entire organization should usually be handled by the school, i.e. the principal or teachers of specific classes.

However, it often happens that I involve students themselves in the entire organization process in order to arouse their curiosity about the world and to cultivate such qualities as responsibility, resourcefulness, perceptiveness and the ability to make difficult decisions.

Sometimes parents are also involved in the entire preparation process. They then take care of every aspect of the organization, from equipping the child with a backpack to taking care of the trip itself.

What to take with you on a school trip?

This is probably the eternal question of a child and, above all, a parent. In fact, it all depends on where a given trip is to take place, because we know that we will take different things on a trip to the forest and different things to a museum. Nevertheless, below is a list of basic equipment:

  • Backpack Sack – On your trip, you'll need space to carry all your essentials, such as food, drinks, souvenirs, and personal items.
  • Snacks and drinks – it's worth taking light snacks with you, such as fruit, energy bars or sandwiches, to have something to eat on the way or while sightseeing. It is important to take enough water or other drinks.
  • Clothing – during the trip, it is worth taking comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow you to move freely and are appropriate for the weather. If you are planning a hike in the forest or mountains, it is also worth taking a raincoat and a baseball cap.
  • Documents - you should take your ID card or school ID with you, as well as any tickets for public transport or visiting museums or monuments.
  • Camera – it's worth having a camera with you to capture the most beautiful views and memories from the trip.
  • Money – It's a good idea to have some cash with you for necessary expenses, such as food or buying souvenirs.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a backpack for a trip?

When choosing a backpack for a school trip, it is worth considering several factors:

  • Capacity - you should choose a backpack that is spacious enough to accommodate all the necessary things, e.g. food, drinks, hygiene products, phone, camera, clothes for changing clothes.
  • Comfort of use - before purchasing, it is worth trying on the backpack and checking whether it is comfortable and whether it fits our figure.

What backpack should I take on a school trip?

There are many backpacks available on the market, and everyone will surely find the right one for themselves.

In fact, it all depends on personal preferences and what kind of trip we are going on. There are many backpacks that differ in appearance, size, number of compartments and many other aspects.

Below we present the most popular types of backpacks.

Backpack bag

Sack backpack - this is one of the most popular types of backpacks. It is not only comfortable, but also soft and takes up little space.

The backpack bag is very roomy, so it will definitely be a great solution for any type of school trip. It will accommodate food, drinks and other necessary things.

A back bag is usually made of durable materials, which means it can withstand the rigors of travel and harsh weather conditions.

Due to the fact that the backpack bag has one large compartment into which you can throw everything, it turns out to be an extremely convenient solution.

plecak worek Moreover, because the material at the top is folded and tightened, there is no need to use zippers, which makes it easier to quickly get to the things inside the backpack.

It is also worth remembering that the backpack bag can be easily carried thanks to the handles at the top or special strings that allow it to be worn on the back. It is also usually lighter than traditional backpacks, which is an important aspect when hiking for many hours.

If you are wondering how to sew a backpack bag for a child yourself, click here !

Sports backpack

A sports backpack will also be an ideal choice because it is very comfortable and extremely functional.

Typically, sports backpacks are made of polyester, which makes them durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

These backpacks will also work well for people who would like to have a variety of pockets and compartments, which means that each item will have its own place.

Tourist backpack

This is definitely a backpack for people who value professionalism. A hiking backpack is perfect for long mountain trips.

Thanks to its large capacity, you can surely store food, drinks, a change of clothes and other useful items in it.

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