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How to make your own spice containers? We give you a hint!

słoiki na przyprawy

Adrian Koźlik |

Spices play a key role in every kitchen. They not only add flavor and aroma to our dishes, but also give them character and a unique atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to store spices properly to maintain their quality and freshness for as long as possible.

Welcome to the world of spice containers that you can easily create at home by adding your favorite aromas.

Get ready for an organizational revolution that your kitchens and pantries will love.

Why and how to make attractive spice containers?

spice jars Storing spices in their original packaging often leads to chaos in the kitchen. Bags and pouches with spices are inconvenient to use, they tear easily and the contents often spill out. Many original packaging is not airtight and does not protect spices against moisture, light and loss of aroma. Therefore, it is worth looking for alternatives, and the best of them are practical and aesthetic spice containers.

  1. Spice containers from jars

One of the easiest ways to create your own spice containers is to use jars. They are readily available and can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes. To create spice containers from jars , follow these steps:

STEP 1. Make sure the jars are clean and dry. You can wash them in hot water and dry them thoroughly.

STEP 2. Prepare spice labels. You can write them by hand or print them on special stickers. Write the names of the spices on the labels and stick them on the jars.

STEP 3. If you want to additionally decorate the jars, you can paint their lids with paint in the selected color or decorate them with decorative tape.

STEP 4. Fill the jars with your favorite spices, making sure they are tightly closed. You can also add dried herbs to the jars for a decorative touch.

  1. Spice containers made of wood and metal baskets

If you are looking for a more original way to store spices, you can try creating containers from wood and metal baskets. They will not only be practical, but will also add charm to your kitchen.

spice jars STEP 1. Start by preparing long boards of equal thickness. You can cut them to the right size or leave the edges uneven for an artistic effect.

STEP 2. Connect the boards using flat connectors and screws. Make sure they are fastened well so that the container is stable.

STEP 3. Attach the metal baskets to the base of the container with screws. You can choose different basket sizes or choose the same sizes and arrange them evenly.

STEP 4. Place jars with spices in baskets. You can sort them by category, for example hot spices, herbs or spice mix.

STEP 5. You can additionally decorate the container by painting or varnishing the wooden part or adding decorative elements such as ribbons or labels with the names of spices.

  1. Decoupage spice containers

Decoupage is a technique of decorating objects using paper cutouts and glue. This is a great method to create original spice containers. All you need is some patience and creativity.

STEP 1 . Prepare the containers you want to decorate. These may be jars, boxes or other suitable containers.

STEP 2. Paint the containers with acrylic paint to give them a base color. You can also use a spray to create an even surface.

STEP 3 . Cut out decorative elements from paper, such as patterns, flowers or abstract shapes. You can also use special decoupage napkins that have ready-made patterns.

STEP 4. Apply decoupage glue to the surface of the container and glue the cut out elements. Press them gently to remove any air bubbles.

STEP 5. When all the elements are glued, cover the whole thing with decoupage varnish to protect the surface and give the spice containers an elegant shine.

Which spice labels should you choose?

Spice labels are not only a practical way to mark the contents of containers, but also a decorative element. You can choose different types of labels that match the style of your kitchen. Here are some popular options:

  • Self-adhesive labels: this is the easiest way to label spices. You can write the names of spices by hand, use a printer to print labels or use ready-made spice stickers available on the market.
  • Magnetic labels: If you have metal spice containers, magnetic labels can be a great solution. You can easily attach them and change them as needed.
  • Chalk labels: If you like to rename spices, chalk labels are a great solution. You can easily wipe them and change their contents.

Creating your own spice containers is a great way to store spices in a practical and aesthetic way. You can use various materials and techniques, such as jars, wood, metal or decoupage. Choose the right containers for yourself and enjoy an organized kitchen and fresh and aromatic spices. Also, don't forget to label your spices so you can easily find what you need.

Get ready for culinary adventures and delicious dishes with a well-organized collection of spices!

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