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What print should you choose for a wooden beach lounger? Get to know the most fashionable designs!

Jaki nadruk wybrać na drewniany leżak plażowy? Poznaj najmodniejsze wzory!

Adrian Koźlik |

Summer is fast approaching! Soon we will be able to enjoy beautiful weather. It is worth preparing for this period and taking care of our comfort.

When it's time to vacation and relax at the beach, it's important to have a nice and comfortable place to lounge and enjoy the sun. Wooden beach loungers are not only practical, but also add charm and style to any place you place them.

leżak plażowy drewniany Do you want your wooden beach lounger to gain more character? Think about a unique print.

In today's article, we will present the most fashionable patterns of sheets that can become an inspiration when choosing a print on your wooden beach lounger .

The history of wooden beach loungers

Wooden beach loungers are an icon of summer holidays and relaxation on the beach. Their history goes far back, and the roots of this classic piece of furniture can be found in the past, where the need for a comfortable rest on the seashore was an inherent part of life.

The first mentions of them come from the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. In those cultures that valued physical activity and care for the body, deckchairs were used on beaches as a place to rest and sunbathe. Although they were not as technologically advanced as today's models, they had a similar purpose - to provide a comfortable place to lounge on the sand.

Over the centuries, beach loungers became increasingly popular, especially in Europe, where beach culture was closely associated with the aristocratic classes. In the 18th and 19th centuries, wooden deck chairs began to be designed to provide greater stability and comfort. At that time, going to the beach became a fashionable trend, and wooden deckchairs became a symbol of elegance and luxury.

With the development of tourism and beach resorts in the 19th century, wooden deckchairs became popular around the world. They were used not only on beaches, but also in gardens, parks and swimming pools. Their design was more advanced, and the wood was carefully finished and often decorated, which made them add charm to any place.

In the 20th century, with technological progress, new materials appeared, such as aluminum and plastics, which began to replace wood in the production of beach loungers. Even though modern loungers offer comfort and functionality, wooden loungers are still very popular due to their traditional beauty and nostalgic charm.

Today, wooden beach loungers are available in a variety of styles and designs, allowing beachgoers to choose the model that best reflects their preferences and suits its surroundings. Regardless of whether it is a classic, rustic deckchair or a modern design, they remind us of the history and tradition of beachgoing, while providing us with a comfortable and nice place to relax on the seashore.

The most fashionable patterns of prints on a wooden beach deckchair

If you want your wooden beach lounger to stand out from the rest, it is worth adding a fashionable and stylish print. We have prepared for you the most fashionable designs that will certainly add character to your deckchair.

  • Tropical leaves - pattern, inspired by the lush vegetation of the tropics, are an extremely fashionable choice. Palm leaves, monsteras and ferns will add exotic charm and evoke the atmosphere of a vacation on a paradise beach. Let yourself be carried away and create a lounger with a tropical motif!
  • Geometric patterns - are currently very popular in many areas of fashion and design. Various shapes such as rhombuses, triangles or squares will look great on a deckchair.
  • Sea motifs - motifs such as shells, fish, waves or anchors will be perfect to transfer the atmosphere of a sea adventure to your wooden beach lounger .
  • Flowers - floral motifs are timeless and always look good.
  • Abstraction - sometimes it's worth going crazy and creating a lounger with abstract patterns. Colorful spots, lines and shapes will attract attention and create a unique look.
  • leżak plażowy drewniany Ethnic patterns - Aztec, Indian or African patterns will add a unique style and character to the beach lounger.

Why is it worth having a wooden beach lounger?

There are many reasons why you should have your own wooden beach lounger . We have collected the most important ones and present them below.

  • Comfort and relaxation - beach loungers are designed to provide optimal comfort and convenience. It cannot be denied that the fact that you can "immerse yourself" in them enhances the feeling of relaxation.
  • Natural look - beach loungers exude natural beauty and warmth. Their natural finish and wood texture add charm and elegance to the surroundings, creating a pleasant atmosphere of holiday relaxation.
  • Durability - Wood is known for its durability and strength, which makes beach loungers a solid piece of furniture. They can survive exposure to sun and rain. However, it is worth remembering about proper care. If you want to learn how to protect a wooden deckchair after the season, click here !
  • Environmentally friendly - they are primarily ecological, which means that neither their production nor subsequent use has a negative impact on the environment.
  • Personalization - thanks to the fact that you can make any print on your wooden beach lounger , they will gain a unique style and character.
  • Universal - they are not only perfect for the beach, but also great in the garden, on the terrace or by the swimming pool. You can also easily carry them from one place to another because they are light and compact.

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