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What size shipping envelope should I choose?

Jaki rozmiar koperty wysyłkowej wybrać?

Adrian Koźlik |

Have you ever wondered how to choose the envelope size for the item you want to send? Is it too complicated for you? Thanks to our entry, you will find out what size each category of envelopes is and what they contain. The envelopes have strong and durable seals, which means that the envelope will not tear. A wide strip of glue holds the envelope tightly closed so that the item inside does not fall out. The envelopes are made of the highest quality paper (grade 1), which means that the envelope is not transparent. Efficient sending of documents or invoices is one of the most important things when conducting accounting in your company.

What can be put in shipping envelopes ? Office supplies such as: documents, occasional cards, letters, invitations
What can be placed in bubble envelopes ? All items that can be damaged and are made of fragile material: electronic devices, jewelry, ceramics, records.

Types of bubble envelopes

Bubble envelopes are available in several sizes, made to meet customer expectations. Envelopes are easy to pack items of various sizes inside. Each product is tightly closed and protected against external damage. You may be familiar with the relationship that says that an A4 document fits in a C4 envelope. But what about bubble envelopes? The most popular sizes of shipping envelopes are C, B, DL and larger envelopes. However, it all depends on the thing you want to pack in the envelope. From tiny envelopes to really huge ones. All this so that he can safely transport his item. koperty biurowe


There are many sizes of envelopes on the market. However, how to correctly choose the size of the envelope for the product we want to transport? Bubble envelopes are designed to protect delicate items that are transported in them. They protect against moisture and dirt. Envelopes are made so that the products selected for them fill the entire interior. They are used to ship books, small equipment, jewelry, small clothing and small glass items. What can you pack in shipping envelopes? Everything that is delicate, small and exposed to external injuries. From small jewelry, records and books to larger catalogues, newspapers and calendars.

Advantages of bubble envelopes

Bubble envelopes are generally available at low prices. A wide selection of different sizes. They contain an adhesive strip that will tightly seal your envelope in just a few seconds and protect its interior against injuries. They are durable and resistant to any tears. The envelopes are made of ecological Kraft paper. I give this great support to protect our polluted environment. The high durability of the envelopes results from the weight of the paper. Due to the fact that the envelopes are tightly welded on the sides, they are also resistant to punctures and various shocks.

Shipping envelope size designations

Larger format envelopes

koperty biurowe

    • K20 - A3 size calendar
    • G17 - A4-sized newspapers
    • D14 - thin A5 catalogue

C envelopes

    • C6 114x162 mm
    • C5 162x229 mm
    • C4 229x324 mm

B envelopes

    • B5 176x250 mm
    • B4 250x353 mm

DL envelopes

    • DL 110x220 mm

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