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What dishes to prepare for Easter? Proven ideas

Jakie potrawy przygotować na Wielkanoc? Sprawdzone pomysły

Tomasz Woźniak |

Are you wondering what Easter dishes should appear on your Easter table? Easter is a time full of tradition, which in Poland is celebrated with loved ones, enjoying a variety of flavors. Simple Easter ideas can transform your Easter food festival, allowing you to both save time and enjoy special moments. From a traditional Easter dinner, through Easter snacks, to baking a delicious pound cake - each dish carries a part of Poland's rich culture and centuries-old history.

Traditional Easter dishes

Easter dishes When preparing for Easter , it is worth starting by planning a traditional Easter breakfast, which is the heart of Polish celebrations, and other dishes that we will enjoy during the blissful holiday rest.

We have prepared several suggestions for Easter that will help you create an unforgettable Easter menu:


  • White borscht with sausage and bacon - an essential soup that warms you up and puts you in the Christmas mood, a perfect proposition for the first Christmas dish.
  • Żurek with white sausage and egg - thick and filling, is an inseparable element of the Easter table, often served with freshly baked homemade bread.

Meat dish:

  • Baked white sausage and sausage in puff pastry - these are propositions that will please lovers of traditional flavors, and at the same time can be an impressive Easter snack.
  • Pork pâté - a classic dish that you can prepare in advance, goes perfectly with horseradish, which is an inseparable addition to many Easter dishes.


  • Stuffed eggs like chickens - creative and fun, perfect as Easter snacks. They can also be a decorative element at your Easter. Not only do they taste delicious, but they are also a real Easter decoration.
  • Stuffed eggs - whether with horseradish, ham or devil's version - are not only delicious, but also make the Easter table more attractive.
  • Poached eggs and eggs with herring - these are interesting alternatives that can be part of both breakfast and a nutritious appetizer.


  • Spring salad with egg, ham and mustard-mayonnaise sauce - light and colorful, will be a perfect addition to meat.
  • Traditional vegetable salad - a must-have on any holiday table.

Remember that recipes for Easter dishes can be diverse and it is worth experimenting with regional specialties that will add a unique character to your Easter table. In Lesser Poland, try Chrzanówka Lanckorońska, in Silesia you can't miss Christmas soup, and in Greater Poland, veal with garlic. Each region has something unique to offer, so every Easter can be not only traditional, but also full of culinary discoveries.

Modern interpretations of Easter dishes

Easter dishes Discovering modern interpretations of Easter dishes is an adventure that can bring a lot of joy and surprise to your taste buds. Here are some inspirations that can refresh your Christmas menu:


  • Beetroot tartare with mango yolk - a unique combination of flavors that will surprise your guests and add colors to the holiday table. This is a great option for people looking for an alternative to traditional appetizers.
  • Fried leek with fried egg and bacon - a combination of classic ingredients in a modern way.
  • Celery pate with citrus mayonnaise - a refreshing accent for Easter
  • Bruschetta with salmon rillettes - an elegant and flavorful option to start your Christmas dinner.

Main dish:

  • White sausage with sour soup - traditional taste with a modern twist.
  • Smoked ham with marinated rhubarb - a subtle combination of sweet and sour flavor that will surely surprise you.
  • White sausage with truffle paste - a luxurious accent for your Easter


  • Easter chocolate nests - a sweet decoration that will surely delight all guests, especially the youngest ones. This is a simple Easter dish that you can prepare together with your children, giving the holiday a sweet family character.
  • Lemon-raspberry cake - lightness and freshness in every bite.
  • Cheesecake with white chocolate and matcha - a modern combination of flavors for connoisseurs.
  • Rose cake with pistachios - the quintessence of spring on your table.

These modern Easter recipes are not only a refreshment of tradition, but also a chance to introduce international flavors and innovative techniques that will make Easter dishes meet modern tastes. Get ready for Easter culinary experiments that will enrich your taste experiences and introduce a new quality to the traditional Easter dinner.

Moreover, if you are looking for something truly unique that will surprise your guests, you can try dishes such as Easter jelly in the shape of an egg, mushrooms with scrambled eggs in tartar sauce, colorful quail eggs with salmon and ham, eggs in horseradish sauce with potatoes, or Scotch eggs . These modern Easter recipes are perfect for those who want to introduce a bit of innovation to their holiday menu.

Let this Easter be an opportunity for culinary discoveries that will combine tradition and modernity on your holiday table.

Have a delicious Easter!

Our culinary journey through Easter flavors and modern inspirations is coming to an end. We deeply believe that both classic dishes and modern interpretations can coexist on the holiday table, creating an unforgettable menu. Regardless of whether you choose regional specialties or experimental flavors, it is important to enjoy cooking together and celebrating the richness of Polish culinary traditions.

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