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What are the main functions of packaging in logistics?

Jakie są główne funkcje opakowań w logistyce?

Adrian Koźlik |

The main function of packaging is to properly protect the goods so that they do not suffer during transport. There are also additional marketing and decorative functions that do not always work due to security reasons, but often have a significant impact on the brand image. So what is the role of packaging and what functions do they fulfill in logistics processes?

Packaging is an extremely important logistics element

The main parts of logistics are sending, receiving and storing goods. Packaging has a strong role in logistics because thanks to their workmanship, reliability and safety, the customer will form a good opinion about the company from the very beginning, which is why it is so important that the parcel arrives intact. If the first time the customer does not convince the company by, for example, delivering a package in poor condition, the second time he will not trust us, so it is always worth making a good first impression. Packaging sometimes seems to be an unnecessary and unnecessary product that contributes to more waste in circulation, but increasingly it has ecological values. These are so-called biodegradable packaging and other eco-friendly supplements that protect the goods. In this way, you can take care of nature and protect the packaging in a good way. In logistics, the focus is mainly on proven solutions that do not like mediocrity. Packaging that does not meet quality requirements is an additional burden for both the recipient and the sender.

Main functions of packaging

Information function

Each package must be properly marked in case it is moved to other places. The labels should also include information on the specifics of transporting the product. Therefore, it is required that the package be large enough to include all the most important information.

Safety function

Its task is to protect the product as best as possible against factors such as: moisture, frost, wind, rain, shocks, heat, impacts, and other unfavorable factors. It is also important to use additional security measures. Cardboard alone is often not enough, so we use various types of fillers, and glass elements should be well wrapped. For these types of products, security must be at the highest level to ensure that the product does not move inside and reaches its destination in the same condition as before shipment. opakowania funkcje

Transport function

Its purpose is to prepare the packaging for travel and other conditions in which it will be located. Shipping packaging should be easy to load into a car and easy to unload, it must also be handy and of the right size to be able to stay in the warehouse.

Marketing function

It is worth making sure that the packaging attracts customers' attention. You can, for example, take care of the aesthetics of the cardboard. If the box is damaged and of poor quality, the recipient may expect that the purchased goods inside will be equally poor.

Ecological function

Packaging can also adapt to the needs of the natural environment. The materials they are made of should be easily biodegradable. Reducing the amount of waste in circulation is an important logistics goal. o It is in the industry that huge value of unnecessary products that cannot be reused is generated. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that packaging used in logistics is recycled and can be used in additional ways.

Packaging is the basis when it comes to logistics, it is important that it meets the above requirements. Thanks to this, they will reach our customers in proper condition. It is worth ensuring that the packaging looks as good as possible and is also a fully ecological solution

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