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kalendarz adwentowy do 30 zł

Adrian Koźlik |

The tradition of counting down to Christmas in the form of an Advent calendar is known all over the world. It is presented in various forms, but all of them are intended to strengthen the anticipation of the holidays, as well as to prepare us to experience this time properly. This is a great opportunity to introduce a festive atmosphere to your home, which reminds us of the upcoming magical period, and to teach your children how to combine faith with everyday life.

Countdown to Christmas these days is no longer just about opening cardboard doors filled with sweets. Now we can find Advent calendars with cosmetics, teas, toys, drawing supplies and cards with tasks to do. In this article, we will present you some ideas for a 2023 Advent calendar that will fit into your budget of PLN 30.

Cardboard Advent calendars

Advent calendar up to PLN 30 The most famous Advent calendars are in the form of vertical or horizontal, rectangular boxes with opening, numbered windows. Every day we open one window and discover what is inside. Inside we can usually find chocolates or other sweets. We can already find cardboard boxes with a set of teas or coffees on the market. Cardboard calendars also take the form of separate cardboard boxes or even cardboard houses. Their advantage over popular calendars with windows is the ability to put more products in each box than in the window. Of course, cardboard calendars are available to decorate and fill out yourself. We can put whatever we like inside, the only limitation is the size of the windows or boxes.

Paper Advent calendars

Another good idea for an Advent calendar up to PLN 30 will be calendars made of paper bags. This is not only an ecological form of calendar, but also gives you freedom in decorating and, of course, freedom in filling it out. In online stores we can find ready-made bags ready to create a calendar, complete with clips, stickers or other accessories.

We can also buy ordinary paper bags and decorate them ourselves. The bags can be of any size, so we can put products inside that do not fit into popular calendars with windows, e.g. cosmetics or drawing supplies.

Advent calendars in the form of socks or cotton bags

Advent calendar up to PLN 30 The next form of Advent calendars available on the market that will fit into a low budget are calendars in the form of socks or cotton bags. On the Internet we can find such sets with colorful Christmas socks or small bags into which you can put sweets or toys. Such calendars will certainly appeal to the youngest ones the most. Cotton material is more durable than paper, so we can keep such a calendar even for the next year.

Cards with tasks

This is the newest and different form of the Advent calendar. It contains various tasks to be performed by children and adults. It is a completely different calendar that encourages spending time together with family and teaches creativity. Some sets also have interesting facts related to the Christmas period, which is also a great form of learning through play.

Cards with tasks as an Advent calendar are a perfect alternative for people who want to spend Advent time a little differently than usual. Additionally, the price of such cards is low and ranges from PLN 30.

DIY advent calendars

The cheapest form of an Advent calendar , and at the same time the most original, is a calendar you create yourself. Here we have great freedom in choosing materials. We can use paper bags, jars, boxes, envelopes or other materials - it all depends on our creativity.

Decorating such a calendar is a great way to match our calendar to the recipient. Everyone will be happy with such a calendar, because it takes time and heart to prepare it.

We can also create such a calendar together with our children. This is a great way to spend time together, which gives many benefits, such as developing a child's creativity and manual skills.

As you can see, with a small budget of PLN 30, we can certainly give someone a great gift in the form of an Advent calendar . The possibilities of choosing ready-made products are wide, and we can also always try to create a unique calendar made by ourselves.

If you are wondering what to put in the Advent calendar, click here !

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