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When is Men's Day? Check it out today!

dzień mężczyzn 2024

Magda Gwaj |

Did you know that there is an International Men's Day ? It's a day we celebrate around the world to recognize men and their contributions to society. In 2024, Men's Day falls on March 10, so it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate men and their achievements. In this article you will learn more about the history of this holiday, its celebrations around the world and interesting facts related to it.

The history of Men's Day

The origins of International Men's Day date back to the 1960s, but the official celebration of this holiday began only in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. The initiative was supported by the United Nations, which recognized that Men's Day is an important symbol of gender balance and appreciation of men for their involvement in social, educational, economic and technological development.

International Men's Day is officially celebrated on November 19 around the world, but different celebration dates vary in different countries. For example, in Russia and Belarus Men's Day is celebrated on February 23, and in Romania on March 9. In Poland, Men's Day is not as popular as Women's Day, but you can still celebrate it and give men a nice surprise.

Men's Day 2024: March 10

In 2024, Men's Day falls on March 10 , so it's worth planning now how to celebrate it and make this day special for all the men in your life. Whether it's your father, brother, partner or friend, they deserve to be thanked and appreciated.

How to celebrate Men's Day?

Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate Men's Day in 2024:

1. Organize a surprise

Prepare a surprise for the man you want to honor. It could be a special dinner at their favorite restaurant, going to a game of their favorite sports team, or even a spontaneous trip. It is important to tailor the surprise to the person's interests and preferences.

2. Say thank you

Don't forget about a simple gesture of thanks. It is worth stopping for a moment and expressing gratitude for the support, care and effort that men put into our lives. A small note, text message or conversation is enough to show that we appreciate their presence and contribution.

3. Organize social gatherings

Organize a social gathering where men can spend time together and enjoy each other. This is a great opportunity to create new memories and strengthen the bonds between the men in your life.

4. Give a gift

Choose a personalized gift that reflects the interests and passions of the man you want to give it to. It could be a new book, an electronic gadget, DIY tools, or anything else that will make him happy.

5. Support charities

Consider supporting a men's charity, such as those that help men in crisis, provide health or educational support. It's a good way to make Men's Day more meaningful and contribute to positive change in society.

Celebration of Men's Day around the world

International Men's Day is celebrated in various ways around the world. In some countries it is a day off from work, while in others it has a more symbolic meaning. It is worth taking a look at how some countries will celebrate Men's Day in 2024.


Russia celebrates Men's Day on February 23. It is a day when men are thanked for their achievements and contributions to society. It is also an opportunity to honor men serving in the military.


In Belarus, Men's Day also falls on February 23. It is celebrated similarly to Russia, with thanks to men and honoring soldiers.


In Romania, Men's Day is celebrated on March 9. It is a day when women give men flowers and small gifts. It is an opportunity to express love and respect for the men in every woman's life.

Trinidad and Tobago

It was in Trinidad and Tobago that the official celebration of International Men's Day began in 1999. The celebration includes various events such as concerts, exhibitions and film screenings that aim to promote a positive image of men and their achievements.

Interesting facts about Men's Day

Connection with the Catholic Church

In Poland, Men's Day falls on March 10, and this is not a coincidental date. On this day, we celebrate the memory of the 40 Holy Martyrs of Sebaste, Roman legionaries sentenced to death for their faith. Although Men's Day is not a popular holiday in Poland, its connection with the Catholic Church gives it special significance.

Other dates for celebrating Men's Day

Although International Men's Day is officially celebrated on November 19, different celebration dates may be found in different countries. For example, in Norway Men's Day is celebrated on September 9 and in Brazil on July 15. It is worth noting that some of these terms are also associated with local traditions and holidays.

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