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When is Easter 2024? Check!

wielkanoc 2024

Tomasz Woźniak |

Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar. It is celebrated all over the world as a time to commemorate the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also a period when many people enjoy their days off and spend time with their families. In 2024, Easter falls on Sunday, March 31, and the next day, April 1, is Easter Monday.

How do we celebrate Easter in Poland?

Easter 2024 In Poland, Easter is a time of deeply rooted traditions and rituals. Preparations for the holidays begin with Lent, which lasts 40 days and begins on Ash Wednesday. During this period, many people decide to stop eating meat and undertake various forms of mortification.

Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday, is a special time. During this time, services are held to remind us of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. On Holy Thursday evening, the Mass of the Lord's Supper takes place, during which the faithful remember Jesus' Last Supper. On Good Friday, services are held to commemorate the death of Christ, and on Holy Saturday evening, the Easter Vigil is celebrated, during which the Resurrection is celebrated.

Easter Sunday is the most important day of Easter. Many churches hold solemn masses that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After the services are over, many people go home to bless the foods that will be eaten during the Christmas breakfast.

Easter traditions in Poland

Easter in Poland is also a time of many traditions and rituals. One of the most important customs is the blessing of food. Many people prepare Easter baskets containing various food products, such as eggs, bread, salt, sausages and horseradish. These baskets are taken to church, where they are blessed by a priest. After returning home, the whole family eats blessed food.

Another popular custom is painting and decorating Easter eggs. Many people use natural dyes such as onion, beetroot or plant leaves to give eggs beautiful patterns and colors. The decorated eggs are then hung on branches around the house or given as gifts.

Easter is also a time when children participate in Easter egg hunts. Parents hide colorful eggs in the garden or at home, and children have to find them. It is a game that brings a lot of joy and provides many wonderful memories.

Traditional Easter dishes

Easter 2024 Easter 2024 is also an opportunity to eat various traditional dishes. One of the most important dishes is white borscht with white sausage. It is a soup prepared on the basis of sourdough, with the addition of white sausage, eggs and horseradish. Another popular dish is żurek, i.e. kvass made from rye, served with white sausage, egg and potatoes.

Roasted meat, such as pork loin and chicken, is also an integral part of the Christmas table. Various types of salads, pâtés, cheeses and cold cuts are also often served. For dessert, you can't miss Easter mazurkas and cakes, which are the decoration of every Christmas table.

Easter customs for children

Easter is also a time when children have many games and attractions. One popular tradition is creating and decorating Easter eggs. Children paint eggs with paints, use colored markers or stick colorful stickers on them. This is a great opportunity to develop creativity and manual skills.

Another popular custom is participating in the Easter egg hunt. Parents hide eggs in the garden or at home, and children have to find them. It can be either a game of searching for eggs in a real environment or a virtual game in the yard or in the park.

Easter is also a time when children receive gifts. Many families decide to prepare special Easter baskets containing various surprises, such as sweets, toys or colorful Easter eggs. Children happily open their baskets and discover what is inside.

Easter 2024: time to relax

Easter is also an opportunity to spend time resting and relaxing. Many people take advantage of the long weekend, which includes Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, to go on a short holiday. Popular destinations at this time are mountains, seaside towns and picturesque villages.

Easter is also a perfect time to organize picnics and family meetings. Many people decide to barbecue, go for walks or play outdoors together. It's a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

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