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When do mushrooms appear in the forest? We tell you when to go mushroom picking!

kiedy pojawiają się grzyby

Adrian Koźlik |

Trips to the forest with a mushroom basket are one of the most beloved and fascinating activities for nature lovers and culinary gourmets. Waiting for the moment when the mushrooms will appear in their full glory is like an exciting journey of discovering the secrets of nature.

If you are an amateur mushroom picker, you probably ask yourself the question every year: "When should I go mushroom picking?" And we come to the rescue! In today's article you will learn when is the best time to go mushroom picking . We invite you to read!

What influences the appearance of mushrooms?

when mushrooms appear Many factors influence the appearance of mushrooms in the forest. One of the most important is temperature. Mushrooms grow best in a moist and warm environment. Therefore, most mushrooms can be found in summer and autumn, when the temperature is appropriate.

Another important factor is humidity. Mushrooms need adequate humidity to grow. If it is too dry, there may be no mushrooms at all. In turn, excessive humidity may promote the development of mold and other parasitic fungi.

In addition to temperature and appropriate humidity, the type of trees and vegetation also influences the appearance of mushrooms in the forest. Some species of fungi prefer specific species of trees as their growing medium. Therefore, it is important to pick mushrooms in the forest where there are trees that are favorable for a given mushroom species.

When do mushrooms appear in the forest?

If you already know what influences the growth of mushrooms, now it is worth considering when we can look for them in the forest. As we have already mentioned, mushrooms most often appear in summer and autumn.

In the summer, especially after heavy rains, you can expect mushrooms to appear as early as the end of June. These are mainly mushrooms from the agaricus family, such as mushrooms and bolete mushrooms. However, the largest harvests of mushrooms usually occur in autumn, when humidity and temperature are the most optimal.

It is worth considering that not all mushrooms appear at the same time. Therefore, it is worth following the weather forecast, observing local customs and talking to keen mushroom pickers to find out when it is best to go mushroom picking.

In what forest do mushrooms grow?

when mushrooms appear Mushrooms can be found in various types of forests, but not all forests are equal in their abundance of mushrooms. Some species prefer specific environments and substrates for growth.

The best places for mushroom picking are deciduous forests, such as beech or oak forests. There is more light in such forests, which favors the growth of mushrooms. A coniferous forest, especially in shady places, may have fewer mushrooms, but you can find unique species there, such as boletus.

If you still don't know where to look for mushrooms, it's worth talking to local mushroom pickers who know the forest inside out and will surely share valuable information.

What is useful when picking mushrooms?

Picking mushrooms is not only a pleasure, but also a responsibility. There are a few things you should have with you to make this whole process easier and more enjoyable.

  • A knife with a broken blade - the basic tool of every mushroom picker. The knife should be sharp and well-shaped to easily cut the mushrooms from the ground. Remember to use your knife carefully and not damage the mushrooms when picking them.
  • Cotton bag - It is better to avoid plastic bags, which may accelerate the decomposition of fungi. Instead, choose a cotton bag, which is more environmentally friendly and allows the fungi to breathe.
  • Parisian bag - If you intend to collect large amounts of mushrooms, you will need a Parisian bag. It is a special bag with a mesh that allows the mushrooms to be aired and facilitates their transport.
  • Tips for successful mushroom picking

  • Pick carefully : Be gentle when picking mushrooms so as not to damage their structure. Use a sharp knife and cut the mushrooms from the ground. Leave those that are too small or too old to be collected.
  • Some mushrooms are poisonous : Remember that not all mushrooms are edible. Don't try to pick mushrooms you don't recognize or are unsure of their safety. If you are not sure, better leave them in the forest.
  • Enjoy nature : Mushroom picking is not only about picking mushrooms, but also a great opportunity to spend time outdoors and commune with nature. Enjoy the beauty of the forest and let the mushrooms be just an addition to this unique experience.

    Najgorzej jak idę na grzyby a tam już wyzbierane! Człowiek się cały dzień napala a tu ani pół grzyba! Mimo tego się nie poddaje, dzięki temu artykułowi wrośnie jakość mojego grzybobrania, polecam !!


    Świetny artykuł, bardzo merytoryczny. widać że autor zna się na rzeczy, kiedyś natrafiłem na tym blogu na tekst " Z czym na grzyby" i od tej pory zostałem!! Polecam każdemu zapalonemu grzybiarzowi!!

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