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When are the 2023 parliamentary elections? Check what you need to know about the elections!

Kiedy są wybory parlamentarne 2023? Sprawdź, co musisz wiedzieć o wyborach!

Adrian Koźlik |

Parliamentary elections will be held in Poland on October 15. This is when we will all meet at the ballot box and vote for a specific political party. In today's article, we will try to draw attention to what informed citizens should know.

How is the date of the parliamentary elections determined?

2023 elections when The date of the parliamentary elections is determined on the basis of electoral law. As for the details of this day, everything is regulated on the basis of important procedures:

  • Term of the Sejm : According to the Polish Constitution, the Sejm is elected for a term of office of four years. The term of office begins on the day of the first sitting of the newly elected Sejm.
  • President's initiative : The date of the parliamentary elections is set by the President of the Republic of Poland. The President may announce parliamentary elections within 90 days before the end of the term of office of the Sejm.
  • Consultations with the Speaker of the Sejm : Before the President announces the official date of the parliamentary elections, he usually consults the Speaker of the Sejm, i.e. the speaker of the lower house of parliament. The Marshal of the Sejm may present a proposal for the election date.
  • Announcement of Decision : The final decision on the date of the parliamentary elections is announced publicly by the President. This date must be announced in the form of a separate act.
  • Election Preparation : After the election date is announced, the institutions responsible for organizing the elections (such as the National Electoral Commission) take steps to prepare and conduct the electoral process.
  • The course of the Election Campaign : Finally, it's time to act! Once the election date is announced, political parties, candidates and other entities can start their election campaign.

It is also worth knowing that in Poland the date of the parliamentary elections may also depend on certain political, economic or social conditions. These procedures result from the constitution and the Act on elections to the Sejm and Senate. The election date may also be influenced by consultations between political parties, although the final decision rests with the President.

Parliamentary elections every 4 years - why?

In our country, parliamentary elections are held every 4 years . This is dictated by our constitution. This is the standard cycle of terms of office of the Sejm and Senate.

Holding elections regularly has many advantages. The set date gives a sense of stability, which is very important for the proper functioning of the democratic system. It is also a time for parliamentarians to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in carrying out various activities to improve the state's situation.

In many democratic countries, elections are held every 4 years. This time introduces a balance that allows for effective work, while periodically checking the support of citizens.

What to do after arriving at the polling station?

The entire voting procedure is predetermined and we must remember certain important steps.

As soon as you arrive at the polling station, you must present your ID card to the authorized person at the election committee before voting .

Then we receive the appropriate voting cards from the commission employee, which have a seal. After receiving it, we must sign that we confirm receipt of the card.

Remember that polling stations will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

How to vote in the elections to the Sejm and Senate?

As soon as you show your ID and sign, you will receive 2 ballots. One of them concerns the elections to the Sejm and the other to the Senate.

When it comes to elections to the Sejm, voting is only allowed for one list of candidates. You can do this by putting an "x" in the appropriate box on the left next to the specific candidate.

There are many reasons why your vote may be considered invalid , such as:

  • voting for more than one candidate
  • failure to put an "x" next to any candidate
  • using a character other than "x" (i.e. two intersecting lines)
  • ballots that are not stamped also invalidate the vote.

elections 2023

Is it possible not to take part in the 2023 referendum?

In addition to the elections to the Sejm and Senate, on October 15 there will also be an opportunity to take part in a referendum. It is voluntary and no citizen is forced to collect any ballot.

If you are wondering how not to take part in the 2023 referendum, read the instructions below :

  • First, go to your polling station
  • As soon as you collect the voting cards, inform the appropriate person at the electoral commission that you do not want to collect the ballot for the referendum. Thanks to this refusal, the committee notes in the minutes your decision not to take part in this vote.
  • A note about your refusal is very important in the event of a referendum, because then you will not be included in the turnout . This is important because the referendum is valid when the turnout is over 50%.
  • If you have chosen the postal election method, please send the ballots in which you want to take part.

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