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When should you take flowers from the balcony? Practical advice for gardeners!

kiedy zabrać kwiaty z balkonu

Adrian Koźlik |

Having flowers on the balcony is a wonderful way to decorate our surroundings and create a cozy corner. However, for our plants to survive the winter and develop beautifully, we must know when to take them out of the balcony and how to effectively protect them against low temperatures. In this article, we will present practical tips for gardeners that will allow us to take care of our flowers on the balcony.

How to protect flowers on the balcony from winter?

when to take flowers from the balcony In order for our flowers on the balcony to survive the winter and develop beautifully, we must ensure proper protection against low temperatures and unfavorable weather conditions. Here are some practical tips:

  1. Preparing plants before winter

    Before winter arrives, it is worth ensuring that the plants are properly prepared. First of all, remove all dried leaves and flowers. Then check whether the plants are not attacked by pests and, if necessary, use appropriate plant protection products.
  2. Frost protection

When the outside temperature drops below zero, it is important that our flowers are properly protected against frost. There are several effective methods we can use:

  • Root insulation - If our plants have sensitive roots, we can additionally protect them against frost, e.g. by covering the roots with a layer of straw or bark.
  • Protection of pots - Pots with plants should be placed on frames or special stands to prevent direct contact with the cold ground.
  • Agrotextile - We can cover our plants with agrotextile, which will provide them with additional insulation against frost. It is worth remembering that agrotextile should be placed loosely on the plants so as not to limit their growth.
  • Glass or foil - If possible, we can protect our plants against frost by covering them with glass or foil. However, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation so that the plants do not rot.
  1. Regular watering

Although plants need less water in winter, let's not forget to regularly water our flowers on the balcony . However, it is important not to water them too abundantly, as excess water may lead to root rot.

  1. Pruning and fertilizing

when to take flowers from the balcony Pruning your plants before winter can help them grow healthily and protect them from disease. Remove dry and damaged branches to ensure better ventilation and avoid the spread of diseases. In addition, you can use protective fertilizers that will strengthen your plants and help them survive difficult winter conditions.

  1. Cut to a room

If we have balcony plants that are particularly sensitive to low temperatures, it is worth considering moving them indoors for the winter. It may be, for example, a bright room where the temperature is maintained at about 10-15 degrees Celsius. Before moving the plants, it is worth checking carefully whether they are not attacked by pests so as not to introduce them into our interiors.

Before the flowers bloom again

Knowledge about effective methods of protecting plants against winter is crucial to the success of our balcony garden. Remember that each plant has its own individual needs, so it is important to know the requirements of our flowers and adapt our activities to their needs. Preparing plants before winter, proper insulation, regular watering, pruning and fertilization are the key factors that will help our flowers survive difficult weather conditions and enjoy beautiful flowering in the next season.

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