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Ecological fashion - recycled cotton and paper bags!

Moda na ekologię – bawełniane i papierowe torby z recyklingu!

Adrian Koźlik |

Concern for the natural good and the condition of our planet is increasingly influencing consumer choices. Before making a purchasing choice, the vast majority of buyers are aware of the consequences this choice will have for the natural environment. Customers no longer want to buy products/services that are made using harmful ingredients, whose use is associated with the emission of toxic substances or that are packaged in a significant amount of artificial raw material, which, after fulfilling its role as packaging, will simply be ordinary garbage that takes a long time to decompose. .

Orientation towards environmental protection causes a kind of fashion for being eco-friendly. This is a very good trend among consumers. More and more often, they choose drinks in glass rather than plastic bottles, they give up plastic bags in favor of cotton or paper bags, they pay attention to the composition of materials in the clothes they buy, they choose products packed in the simplest, most often paper packaging, they refuse to use plastic straws in restaurants, they shop using reusable bags to minimize the use of plastic bags.

Biodegradable bags

The advantages of ecological bags can be multiplied and multiplied. Their main advantage over repurposed disposable bags is the fact that they decompose naturally in a much shorter time than the previously popular plastic bags. They also make it possible to reuse them - cotton ecological bags are characterized by high durability, so they can be used successfully for several years. Even if a cotton bag is damaged, its life does not have to end. According to the "Zero Waste" idea, you can change the purpose of a damaged bag and use the natural material from which it is made, for example, as a duster or window cleaning cloth - in this way, we will use the product completely, thus limiting the use of other articles.

Biodegradable, or how long does it take to decompose?

We also do not have to worry that the used material will decompose for a long time after being thrown away, cotton, i.e. the material from which eco-friendly fabric bags are made, decomposes after about 1-4 months. Paper bags take up to six months to decompose. How do plastic bags compare in this comparison? Well, that's not good, a folio bag takes from 100 to 1000 years to decompose. It is worth emphasizing that we use plastic bags for the shortest time - about 30 minutes, because they usually end up in the trash bin right after returning from the store and unloading the shopping. Ecological bags have a longer life - research shows that I use paper bags from a few to a dozen times, while cotton bags for up to several years.

Green bag, or green bag?

The name may be misleading, because the flagship model of the popular green bag is not green, but ... ecru, i.e. it has the color of natural cotton raw material. The cotton from which the bag is made is not dyed, so it is a completely environmentally friendly product. It got its name not from its color, but from the impact it has on our planet - as we know, green is good, just like the impact of an eco bag on Mother Earth.

Use as long as possible!

Fashion forces us to constantly change our habits, clothing, footwear, equipment, etc. However, if we want to be eco-friendly, we should use the purchased items for as long as possible. Buying environmentally friendly products, even popular ecological bags , will be of no use if we replace them as often as a plastic bag. Doing so will not reduce pollution and the greenhouse effect. If you want to replace the eco bag with a new one (which we understand, of course, because the number of models available is huge, and the models are so great that you would like to have every one of them), give your bag to a friend, mother, brother or put it on vinted! Such action will be completely pro-ecological.

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