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Opakowania wysyłkowe, które warto mieć u siebie

Adrian Koźlik |

Some history…

Sending parcels actually dates back to ancient times. Back then, there was the institution of a messenger who conveyed documents, goods and the most important information. Philippides made history when he traveled about forty kilometers to ask for help for Athens. After covering this distance, he fell dead. Most often, however, horse transport was used to transport parcels, and even sea transport on long routes. The waiting time for shipment was much longer than today.

opakowania wysyłkowe In Poland, the first institution to send parcels was the so-called Royal Mail. However, this service was not available to ordinary citizens. It was only around the 19th century that parcel delivery became common, because the market was dominated by Poczta Polska.

Types of packaging for shipping

Since sending parcels has become so frequent, it is worth equipping yourself with tools that will allow you to transfer goods quickly and effectively. These include:

  • Foliopacks , i.e. foil courier envelopes . Their advantage is that we do not need any tapes or other protection. The envelopes are usually equipped with a closure, are also resistant to weather conditions, and their plastic shape allows them to be placed, for example, in a parcel locker,
  • Shipping boxes - useful when transporting delicate materials such as glass. Thick walls protect against damage, and empty spaces can be filled with cardboard or sponge to protect shipping,
  • Bubble envelopes also perfectly protect fragile items, especially when they are small in size,
  • Cardboard envelopes will be useful when sending documents, their stiffness will protect the paper from bending.

How to choose the right packaging?

The choice of appropriate packaging depends primarily on the size of the shipment and its type. It is worth checking the requirements regarding parcels sent on the websites of individual couriers. Usually, not only specific dimensions are provided, but also the weight of the shipment.

If we don't want to incur additional costs, a meter and a handy scale will come in handy.

How to redirect a parcel?

opakowania wysyłkowe Sometimes, despite good packaging and meeting all courier standards, it turns out that we have to change the delivery address or delivery time of the parcel, regardless of whether we are the recipient or the sender.

Here are the steps you should take:

  • First, you need to know the number of the shipment you want to redirect.
  • Then it is worth visiting the website of the carrier responsible for transporting the parcel.
  • Often, changes can also be made via a hotline specifically dedicated to customers.
  • Usually this type of service is free. However, it is important to make the change within a certain period of time. Once the courier sets off, it will not be possible to select a different address.

Sending parcels currently

Currently, after the Covid pandemic, sending parcels is experiencing its heyday. We not only buy products online, but we also often send gifts to our loved ones both in Poland and abroad. This type of activity has become common for us and more and more people are purchasing various types of shipping packaging .

They are common and easy to buy, and investing in this type of products will pay off when making gifts for loved ones who are far away. They will definitely appreciate the surprise of a shipment, especially if it is properly packaged and delivered safely to the destination.

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