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Garden fireplace – why is it worth having one?

palenisko w ogrodzie duży płomień

Tomasz Woźniak |

A garden fireplace is nothing more than a previously prepared place for lighting a fire. When looking for a new way to relax in our garden, the idea of ​​building your own fireplace may come to mind. In this article, we will try to answer whether it is really worth it and we will guide you through the building process.

Have a nice time by the fireplace!

In recent years, garden fire pits have become very popular. This is hardly surprising, as they provide a friendly atmosphere, warmth and the opportunity to personalize and beautify the garden. There are many types of fireplaces , which gives many possibilities when creating our dream garden and makes it easier to achieve the desired stylistic effect.

A garden fireplace is a cheaper alternative to a home fireplace, so building your own fireplace will significantly reduce your budget.

A center for social gatherings

Social gatherings with friends are an integral part of a bonfire. The fireplace allows us to organize parties in the garden even on cold evenings. Integrating with friends around the fire, eating sausages and marshmallows is a very pleasant way to spend the evening. Friends will remember pleasant moments together by the fire for a long time.

What type of fireplace should you choose?

Before we sit by the fire, we must consider what type of fireplace will be suitable for our needs. The safest and requiring the least amount of work is a fireplace in a metal bowl or basket. After hanging it on a stand, we can place it in most places in the garden, and even on the terrace or balcony. There is nothing to stop you from moving the hanging fireplace , as it is mobile.

A hanging garden fireplace does not negatively affect the roots of plants growing nearby and you just need to remember to prepare enough space for it. We don't want to start a fire in our garden.

A more classic approach to a garden fire pit is to build one yourself. This requires more time from us, but provides an elegant and more natural garden design, and also gives us greater opportunities for personalization and freedom.

We can make our own fireplace from any type of stone of various shapes and sizes. However, please remember the regulations and place your fire in a place that:

  1. It is located at least 4 meters from fences.
  2. It has a minimum distance of 3 meters from trees.
  3. It is at least 100 meters from the forest.
  4. It is located at a safe distance from objects that may be damaged in contact with fire (houses, construction rooms, high-voltage lines).

How to build your own fire pit ?

We have prepared an action plan that will allow you to safely build a garden fireplace.

  1. Selecting a location - find a flat, stable place away from trees, buildings and other objects that may catch fire.
  2. Selection of materials - choose fire-resistant materials that match our preferences. Bricks, stones and concrete blocks can be used.
  3. Preparing the ground - remove the grass from the area you want to set aside for a bonfire. The bottom should be recessed and lined with gravel.
  4. Building the base - make the first row from the material of our choice. To make the garden fireplace more durable, you can tie the structure with cement.
  5. Construction of subsequent rows - continue construction, remembering to leave space for access to the fire.
  6. Decoration - style the fireplace according to your idea.
  7. Testing - check that the structure is safe and that fire is not a threat
  8. Use - remember to empty the fireplace regularly and use it as intended.

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